1935 Cyc-Auto from England



Cyc-Auto is credited with starting the Auto Cycle (Motorized Bicycles) craze in England and Europe. They came out 5 years before the Whizzers.

1935 Model


1951 Model


1941 Model


1943 Model


1939 Model with cool fork.


1941 Model


Web page with many pics of vintage motoredbikes

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Sometimes I think we are going backwards in technology. Those bikes look better than anything you can buy today.
Those are great pics and bikes. its wierd the motor is infront of the BB, huh?..i mean there is so much space left over in the triangle. i guess if you look at a modern moped the chain line and motor are all in a line like in your old brit bike pics...and the handling must have been great on them with the weight so low to the ground. These kind of old motorbikes fueled my current project, so thanks for the pics.

The motors were placed there because they had a worm drive gear between the motor and the pedal cranks that spins the sprocket.

The low center of gravity is a plus.

Built in an era when quality mattered, rather than "How fast and cheap can we build it".
Cyc-Auto is credited with starting the Auto Cycle (Motorized Bicycles) craze in England and Europe. They came out 5 years before the Whizzers.

Yes, back then there was a tremendous choice of models. I see the 1941 Cyc-Auto had twin exhausts - might have even been twin cylinder. Notice how they all had registration plates and they all had decent headlights run from the motor. I can remember when lots of farmers from remote parts of my home in Ireland rode those bikes. I remember them going past me smoking their pipes upside down to keep the rain from extinguishing the tobacco. I'll bet there's a few rusted wrecks lying in the bogs still.
The NSU quickly was almost as popular in the second half of the 60s as the Honda 50cc which was a motorbike without pedals.
My favourite is the 1959 Ducati Cuculo.
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The cyclemaster was a good auto cycle as well. I wish they still made these machines.

The 39 model has the Webb forks--I'm building my "modern mini-motor"(staton chain drive)with a set of these webb forks on a 38 melvern star two star
I really like the way they work and they were also built for a drum brake and have a clip made to hold the brake arm---so the new Sturmey Archer drum fit them perfict.
The Brits did a good job on motorbiking--that's why I'm copying their style---sam
cyclemaster trade bike cyc auto other junk pics

heres a pic of my cyc auto 1938 and cyclemaster in trade bike with a couple of other wheels.bsa & sach.


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You'll have such fun restoring that Luke. Tell me is the Cyc Auto the good wheel in the grocer's bike basket or the rusted one on the ground. Also is that in England and what is the motorbike in the background?
I love the actual bike and the webbed forks.

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