1937 shelby cadillac chinee-style

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    1937 shelby cadillac tuner

    So a buddy of mine (sloppy kidricer sin) passed along his MB addiction to us.
    For years he had been raving about these things,
    and after hemmin and hawin about gettin a slew of craigslist motorcycles,
    decided to go the MB route since i've got a ton of old stagnating bike parts,
    plus they look like alot of fun.
    Also, wanted a project that wasn't as much time intensive as the hot rods and stuff i've got going.
    (little did I know so far!!)

    So anyway my favorite fat-tire frame is the pre-war shelby,
    and coincidentally had the perfect wrecked frame for this build.
    A couple months back,
    i'd tried to fix the bottom bracket area with a donor girls shelby bike,
    but didn't realize the angles weren't the same,
    so ditched it before I wasted too much time on it.


    Bummer was the earlier 37ish shelby's had a straight downtube,
    and the engine doesn't fit in the space correctly.


    The later 38ish shelby's hadve a curved downtube.
    Since this frame was toast,
    figured it was worth customizing it even further.


    There was so much brazing on this frame,
    it wasn't much fun to weld.
    The way I fit the new tube gave it the more welding strength in a cleaner section,
    and also more room for the engine.
    There was a small insert on the top part.


    so the new tube is below the centerline of the BB now...


    At first was going to give it the natural flash rust look,
    but figured a half-*** paint match was the safer route.
    Yeah yeah I didn't grind the welds,
    for this one strength is more important than pretty.
    (called a 30/30 - 30 mph and 30 feet away)


    This is why I think the shelby frame's are so cool.
    They invested alot of time in the seat-tube area of the frame,
    and as a welder/grinder, I can really appreciate their effort


    As common on lots of early bikes,
    shelby used a poopload of badges,
    (western flyer, hiawatha, shelby flyer, flying cloud etc)
    but this one is kinda cool as its a cadillac,
    (and schwinn had a lasalle branded bike which makes it a neat competition)


    These are my riders,
    the black one is 98% stock,
    and the red one was alot of my random stuff.
    A couple months ago the rims and other chrome was shiny,
    but it was all flash rusted,
    a perfect donor for the new motor-bike.
    (sad to see it torn apart actually but it will be back as a klunker)


    I really needed some instant gratification here,
    so swapped all the parts to the new frame.
    Figured it would be smart to ride it around and make sure it didn't fall apart too!


    The thing rode great and straight,
    probably the first time it had been ridden in 50 years.

    So that was the first night...

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  2. perichbrothers

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    So the instructions said that that the build time would take 4-6 hours but obviously didn't pertain to this one!

    First was the rear gear,
    didn't notice that there were 2 size rubber spacers,
    through it on but it got too close to the spokes/tire as it got cinched down.
    Ended up doing this twice but oh well...


    than the brake lever tweak...


    After fitting the engine,
    realized the crank wanted to be in the same space.
    (that crossbrace repair was done before my time...)


    Didn't want to remove the crank so redid it installed...


    even though it was a p.i.t.a., it was good enough for now.


    After a trial fit,
    realized the rear engine mount wasn't going to work either.


    so made a custom mount...
    (also modified the seat post to angle back)


    Spot welded in all the holes,
    than brazed it up just in case...


    I forgot to take pics of the motormount but you can see it in the below pics...

    While I was at it,
    figured to change to the older torrington bars,
    but they were for a 24" frame so added a couple inches..


    So as of last night,
    this is as far as I got.
    (Still need to gusset the motormount a bit)


    I threw on the kit grips and clutch lever,
    which I think are real pos's but at least it will work.


    So hopefully tonight some more work will get done.


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  3. professor

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    Great work. I really like your layout table too neat idea.
  4. alarmguy111

    alarmguy111 New Member

    I love the flowing lines on your build! Very nice! Can't wait to see more pics as you progress.
  5. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Very well done!
  6. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Very nice work. Excellent presentation!!!

    Keep it up !!
  7. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    nice photo essay--I can't wait to see the complete bike
  8. perichbrothers

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    Thanks guys for the comments!

    "I can't wait to see the complete bike" - that's a good one chris, me too!

    Last night was family night and it was tough not to sneak out late and work on it.
    Did sketch some ideas for some stuff though, maybe later today...

    Thanks again,

  9. fasteddy

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    Can't give up family night but some times it's longer than it needs to be. Mostly when you have a project in the works.

    Bet you see the finished bike in your mind! It will be a smash hit given the great job you have done so far.
    The photos are excellent and they help tell every one who is doing the same thing how to do it

    Nice chopped coupe in the back ground.

  10. Okay, I dig the bike and the work you've done to it thus far.

    But I couldn't help but notice a few things.

    1. That 23-25 T looks pretty cool

    2. That 5-window isn't too shabby either and the fact that there's a C4 vette suspension sitting there sure means that SOMETHING isn't going home stock!

    Any info?

    I'm always amazed at how many folks get tangled up into the same things. I've got a 27 T roadster pickup with a 56 Desoto Hemi in it and a 32 chevy 2-door sedan that will have a 350/700R4 trans in it.

    You wouldn't by any chance happen to have gotten into R/C airplanes at any point have you? That would just be too wierd!

    In an attempt not to steal a thread, very nice bike and I'd love to someday spend a little time and build up a special bike for myself. Right now, I just needed to get my first build going and get riding. I would love to pick up an old, vintage bike and do something way cool with it. Keep us informed on how it goes.
  11. perichbrothers

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    Yes wanabe I've got a road bike addiction, prewar cruiser addiction and a hot rod addiction,
    so these MB's kinda fit right in.
    Actually we have a goal with kidricer/sloppy to meet up at El Mirage with our "pit-bikes" and cruise around,
    hopefully also with our hot rods!
    (i've got a 29 rpu which is dismantled in the background, and a 40 coupe as well)
    I like the driver look, no shiny stuff for me...

    Anyway got to the shop a little late after eating way too much korean bbq buffet,
    but did get a little done.

    First off,
    yesterday I found this crazy contraption in the weed patch next to the garage.
    I knew what to do with it right when I saw it.
    Wish I had taken a pic before I took it apart though.
    it happened to be exactly the right size,
    way too randomly coincidental.
    Yeah its kinda goofy but I like it better than the black box...

    After that I decided to just throw all the stock stuff on the bike,
    and get it running.
    As time allows, i'll rework some of the cheesy kit stuff.

    Oh yeah, another coincidental thing happened.
    The engine is set more forward than most bikes,
    so i needed a bit of chain to make it work.
    Strangely enough the amount that luke had taken off his orange sears bike,
    was exactly the amount I needed to add to mine.
    It was really weird, i thought there would be a couple more links needed.

    Also added the chain tensioner,
    just cut and welded part of the stock one.
    Needed it more to direct the chain out from the wheel/lower frame rather than the tension.
    (note to self,
    take off the plastic wheel before welding,
    when hot plastic melts...)


    So anyway it was alot of fun putting around in front of the shop.
    I've heard the break-in is really important to maximize power output,
    so even though it was tough not to gun it,
    it was still fun just riding around starting it over and over.

    So did the 10-30-10 break-in,
    all ready for a run tomorrow.


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  12. kidricer

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    A lot to soak in.


    Lookin' forward to see the bike on the road!
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  13. I love the "need a tab here, weld a tab here" kind of build that you're doing. Someday, I would love to find an old frame and use that as a starting point. I have this phobia about taking a brand new bike and burning the paint off with an electric operated glue stick. Just me, I know...
  14. Really fun build w/ some great ideas incorperated! KUTGW!
  15. perichbrothers

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    Hi guys.
    First my condolences about these fuzzy cellphone pics.
    Its kinda that or 1000 word description and figured fuzzy is better than rambling.

    right now I have an in-shop job,
    which makes it really difficult to not get distracted by the shelby-tuner.
    But after a super-successful day,
    treated myself to a little MB time.
    (well I did go out first thing and get some more break-in time but hey)

    So this is how it rolled, or was rolling before a midnight coffee...


    Basically the stock exhaust with about 1/8" clearance to the front tire...
    There's the donor tubing, a wrecked pair of real schwinn stingray apes!

    cut ...paste... cut... paste


    Now they look like kidricers 1964 schwinn!
    It always amazes me when something I shoulda thrown away completes a project.
    Those are the scraps leftover on the ground,
    it's hard to toss those even, who knows when they'll come in handy!


    Also did a little random drillium on the clutch cover.
    Probably doesn't help the rattling noises,
    but I also cut out the small 8" exit tube in the muffler,
    which basically cancels out these periferral noises.
    It actually sounds like a mini-bike now.


    This is a picture of the customized chain tensioner too.
    I wish i'd brazed a reinforcement base on the tubing before attaching the bracketo
    (like the motormount one)
    The steel is really thin and I shoulda tigged it instead of migging it.
    Next time.

    Anyway thats my nightly update.
    Oh yeah,
    Also started on the tank plug but didn't take any pics, maybe tomorrow...


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  16. Very cool. Keep em coming!
  17. perichbrothers

    perichbrothers New Member

    Did this the other night...

    Out of a pile of old car parts

    totally different bike.
    way better than the stock flute.

    If you have an hour or 2 to kill, definitely worth it.

    Also made up a quickee drop stand.

    The more I play with this thing the more I like it.

  18. GearNut

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    The more you play with that thing, the more I like it!
    I really need to get off my arse and clean out my garage. I have all the tools necessary to do some good fabb'ing, just no room to work in.
    You are an inspiration!
  19. kidricer

    kidricer New Member

    now that's what I'm talkin' about!
    (always wanted to say that)
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  20. perichbrothers

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    Thanks guys~

    So started on the tank.
    I should be doing a hammered steel or aluminum tank but going to go fiberglass,
    mainly cause i've got another donor frame and so does a friend,
    so instead of spending a bunch of time and make a one-off,
    the same time can be made to pop-out a bunch.

    used an original "peanut" tank for the outline...

    screwed and glued them together...

    After a couple minutes...

    It's about an inch wider than the stock tank,
    and there's a good sized gap like the stock tank,
    but there will probably be some rubber cushion once its centered.

    Anyway thats the start.