1953 Schwinn Hornet Revisited

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    It has been a few years since I have posted here. Some of you may remember my 1953 Schwinn Hornet, this is a pic of it last time I posted:

    I always thought how cool it would be if I could find an in frame tank (that would actually hold gas) similar to the fake tank on the original bike like this:

    Then I found Sportsman Flyer Motorbikes, and he makes a gas tank specifically for Hornet/Panther straightbars. I ordered one and installed it:
    Although really cool, something was missing. I decided to paint the real gas tank similar to the fake gas tank on the original bike (the original tank was missing on my bike when I bought it for $25 years ago). I ordered the stenciling kit on ebay, found satin paint in almost the exact color (satin to match the faded patina on the original paint). and went to work:

    Needed pinstripes:

    How about a fake "horn button" to replicate the real horn button on the original (made from sanding down an axle nut):
    20140720_180808.jpg 20140720_181815.jpg

    And, the final look with the tank installed. What a difference! The petcock is not installed yet, waiting for the paint to fully cure:

    20140720_202257.jpg 20140720_202427.jpg 20140720_202500.jpg 20140720_202740.jpg
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  2. justin.fiveash

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    That's a beautiful bike. Great job on the paint and that button!
  3. bobcaller

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    Thanks, the bike has always drawn attention, but now it commands it!
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    Nice job, Looks great. I wanna call it the little red whaler.