1st time Which engine to buy?

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    Please help. I want to buy and build my first motor bike but not sure what engine kit to buy. I don't care about speed, just reliable and long life.

    From searching the forum, i'm looking at the GEBE and staton website. I am not a mechanic so I really want a kit with instruction, the staton website doesn't seem to sell kits but GEBE does.

    Advice please? is the PF-3300 32cc Tanaka PureFire 2-Stroke good and reliable?

  2. Porkchop

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    Anything from Japan should be good. Robin/Subaru, Tanaka, Mitsubishi, Honda should fit the bill. From what I’ve seen, Tanaka is one of the more expensive. I have personal experience only with Honda GX35 4 stroke. It’s been a very good engine. It's been a while since I've looked at engine specs, but I'm thinking although the Tanakas are somewhat on the high price side, they have more power in comparison. Check out specs, 1/2 horse power in these small engine makes a world of difference. Personally, I'd go with the largest and most powerful engine allowed by law. I'd also say any of the engines we use on bikes that are 50cc or smaller will get at least 80 to 120 miles per gallon of fuel. I'd be surprised if they got any less.
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    What you want is for somebody to tell you what you need to know, so you don't have to put forth the effort to educate yourself. That's fine as long as you have plenty of money to blow on a machine that's right for somebody else. Then you can do it all over again when you're smarter.

    The other route is to first understand the volume of information available on this forum as well as other forums, avail yourself of that info by READING and become educated. Informed decisions are always better than uninformed decisions.

    Sorry if I rocked your day.
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    i'll sell u my unused, new, skyhawk GT-5, that won't fit on any bikes that i've tried putting it on. my headache can become your headache for only 1/2 what i paid for it (i paid $150)
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    You need Japan or any new type engine and the kit.
    You can try grubee 2strokes (the strongest one) but nothing cheaper. It's nightmare to repair cheap one.

    Honda 50 + Kit? GEBE and staton ? Yes, rather. I believe you want to ride on it.
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    I'll tell you what to buy.:devilish:

    Complete BMP friction drive kit on sale for $123.50, shipping included.

    Robin/Subaru 1.1hp/4-stroke engine @ $195.00.

    It's a bulletproof combination for your needs/wants.

    When/if you get tired of this combination, come back.

    I'll tell you what to buy. :devilish:
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    In my earlier post, I said I had experience only with the Honda GX35. That was a true statement as far as the Japanese engines. And that particular Honda is actually manufactured in Thailand. I have also useed a 50cc, 2 cycle engine from Harbor Freight's auger. I started with the auger engine because I already had a brand new one, still in the box, before I got interested in motorized bicycles and before I accidentally found this forum.
    I've used both engines on my BMP friction drive set up with no problems with either engine or the drive system. Depending on who you want to believe, the Chinese made 50cc 2 cycle engine from the HF auger, it's reported to be 50cc w/1.5 HP or 52cc w/either 2 or 2.2 HP. The Honda is consistently reported to be 35cc w/1.6 HP.
    The 2 stroker Chinese engine is definitely more powerful. As I said earlier, ½ HP makes a big difference on these small engines. But I do like the simplicity of the Honda 4 stroke (no mixing of fuel & oil), and it's a little bit quieter and doesn't smoke like a typical 2 stroke.
    All the stuff I've read about engine location, like Staton's new axle mount being quieter because the engine is further away from your ears, I think is just a bunch of hype. Do you think a foot (if that much) in distance is really going to make a difference ?
    As 5-7 mentioned, BMP has a great deal on their friction drive set up right now. I know he knows a lot more about this motorized bike stuff than I do, but I'd be very reluctant to put any engine less than 1.5 HP on one ! Of course, that depends on personal preference and total weight of bike and rider along with the type of terrain you'll be riding on.
    In case you don't know this, go to BMP's site and click on the link referring to engines and you'll find several vendors listed for both Japanese and China engines. I don't remember the exact amount, but I think I paid about $200.00 or $220.00 for my Honda including shipping. I actually wanted a Robin/Subaru engine but couldn't find a good enough deal on one when I bought the Honda.
    Anyway, for around $350.00 +/- a few dollars, if you want a friction drive kit from BMP, you should be able to get their kit and a descent dependable engine that should last for a long time and many miles.
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