2 CLUTCHES ON ONE HAPPY TIME!!!Pull start and/or pedal start



Anyone else tryed these?
Uses the regular Ht clutch and a centrifigal clutch also.
You can pedal start OR pull start.
Pretty nifty actually.
The stock clutch uses a controller similar to a single thumb action derailleur controller giving you the freedom to keep it engaged or disingaged at will.
Push this lever all the way to fully engage the clutch . The motor is now dissengaged from the drive chain, etc. Its a little more awkward using this clutch in this manner if its the sole mechanism engaging the engine but still will work to pedal and start.
With the stock clutch fully engaged , your now free to use the pull start which comes with this setup by the way.
Works exc. so far . LOng pull cord, starts first or second pull on my bike.
Once the engine is warmed up a little and will idle, You dissengage the stock clutch but the engine still isnt engaged. Rev it up however and the centrifigal clutch will engage and away you go. bring the revs back down to an idle and the centrifigal clutch disengages.
You now have an automatic. Use the HT clutch only when using the pull start and let the centrifigal clutch do all the work when your riding/ stopping/ and going.
Set up seems real stable so far.
Kinda liking it.
If the pullstart breaks, you can still pedal start.
Next comes an electric start. hahah


How does the pedal start work if the engine isn't spinning the centrifugal clutch already to make it engage? This confuses me.