20" trike front mount friction drive?

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    Hi all. I have a question. I found a 20" trike for almost free ($10). I was wondering if the front mount Staton friction kit would work with a 20" wheel trike. all i see are 26" trikes with that kit applied. Also can a BMP kit be made to fit a front mount setup? Im trying to make the ultimate low-cost Grocery-Getter.

    This trike would allow a front basket too, due to the low frame and long gooseneck. Im looking for a low maint. setup. I currently have a Happy Time setup that is troublesome on the good days. I would think that the friction drive may be the best route.

    the picture is of the trike.


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    You should probably call David Staton to make sure their kit will work (he's not good about email, but is very helpful if you can get him on the phone). I think it would probably work, and is probably the most reliable kit for that trike (in dry weather). I'm not familiar with BMP.
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    10 bucks is a killer deal for that trike