21 tooth sprocket

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    So I been on here wile of ya look @ friction drive section been lurking researching, I've decided build occ chopper bicycle with grubee 66cc Skyhawk. Heads already at machine shop been slag free and tried up. What I have not seen in my research is taking the occ freewheel off and turning it around on the threads so it's left hand drive free wheel and then weld it so when the engines turning it does not spin off?? Is this good gear ratio with 21 tooth sprocket? And if this threads in wrong spot please move it were it belongs mods...
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  2. pbeggs

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    wheel dia.?
    21 would be a little small (normal sproket is 44 for 26")
    although,.. as wheel size gets smaller rear sproket size can go down.
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    It would spin off if used on left hand drive...It would work on right hand drive for sure!..But...You would lose the pedal drive.....Tigmaster....