212cc build checklist


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Sep 27, 2019
ok, so after hours of searching I've come up with that I don't need to buy a clutch, manual clutch comes on it stock, is this correct?

What about a carb, do I need to buy one?

Basically I'm trying to build a 212cc predator bike and would like to know what I need to buy so I can basically build a kit. I've got a 80cc China motor that I had success with. I'll probably use as much of that kit as possible. It's two stroke and my 212c.c will be four, my current questions are :

1. what clutch will come stock?
2. what will I need in order to throttle it?
3. should I get a centrifugal clutch for $20?
4. what parts are interchangeable between 80cc 2 stroke and 212cc 4 stroke?

thanks for any tips or information.

P.s. my current bike is out of commission due to the drive sprocket getting chewed up due to chain alignment issues, I changed the rear sprocket to 32t because my 44t got bent and I built on a mongoose mack and used the rear disc brake holder to mount the sprocket to. Its roughly an inch and a half away from being centered to the drive sprocket, this being said can I either a.angle or move the motor out so it'll align straighter or b.grind away 3/4 of the disc mounts so it's an inch closer to centered? Any feedback on either issue greatly appreciated

Sorry for the disorganized post, did not take my adderall today 😜 will post pictures of my current bike tomorrow, I've a new 10t drive sprocket that'll be here Tuesday but i think with the smaller rear sprocket it will jump off. Any tips/advice/feedback appreciated.
No clutch comes with it, you will need a throttle to throttle it(lol), a $20 centrifugal will not last on a 212, and no parts are interchangeable.
No clutch comes with it, you will need a throttle to throttle it(lol), a $20 centrifugal will not last on a 212, and no parts are interchangeable.
torque converter or jackshift, what are the available types of clutches and what.do yall recomend? Also what clutch does my 79cc kit motor have?
Hey Levi. Welcome. Ambitious project that 212. I like it. Gonna haul ass. With a 32? Should push ya to freeway speeds so be careful.
My only feedback to your questions goes to your chain issues. I had my own nightmare on my first build (and second). Mine problems came from the frame being a girl's bike (no top bar) so when I'd accelerate, the frame would twist a little right at the bottom bracket. I could watch it twist even just pedalling hard. That threw off the alignment maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.
As for yours, you said what? 1.75? Holy crap! My opinion you GOTTA get that closer, dead on if possible. I figured mine out with a hub clamp type mount, but I think the disc brake is as good or better, and here's the key my friend....... Spring tensioner.... The one that mounts to the clutch cover. Chain alignment is needed at the little sprocket up front, not at the wheel. Does the chain come off at the wheel? Ever? No. It always jams in the housing then snap. Spend the money, I get the tensioner and a hub adapter if it'll help bring that sprocket in tight. That'll be better than grinding any disc mount s too. If it came to that I'd find a non discbrake wheel and start over a bit.
GL. I'm watching your thread cuz I'm thinking on a Predator 79 and want to hear all your complications, LOL.