Tires 24 inch white/cream tires


Apr 4, 2008
Hi everyone,

I have a 2007 Whizzer with black tires - I am looking to get white or cream colored tires in 24 x 2.125 or 24 x 3. Here is my tale...nay...saga of woe.

I go to my local bike shop two months ago. I already have a Felt cruiser I purchased from them. I ask if they can get the Felt Quick Brick tires in cream/white 24x3 - they have the 26x3 in stock.

They order them for me - I pay upon order and they tell me they will be in the following Friday.

I show up Friday and there tires aren't there - they call Felt and are told they are on backorder and will be shipped out and to me in one week.

Next Friday - no tires - they sent 26" instead of 24". The bike shop calls Felt. Felt said it was a mix-up and they are getting the tires out that same day (Friday) and should be in by no later than a week.

Next Friday - no tires - the bike shop calls them up and says they have a very patient customer who was promised these tires on three different occasions - the promise to send them out ASAP

This continues for a few more weeks - the bike shop is documenting each call with dates/times and what was said.

Two weeks ago I decide to contact Felt myself. I spoke with a genteman named Patrick at Felt. He said not only did they have the 24" tires in stock but that they had more than they wished they had. He told me to tell the bike shop to check the SKU because he thinks they are not using the correct SKU.

I go in to the bike shop and tell them what Patrick at Felt said - so the bike shop calls up Felt (on a Friday again). Felt they just got a big shipment in but the warehouse has to inventory and scan everything in but the tires would be there and in my hands the following Friday. So the nice guy at the bike shop details what has happened thus with the guy at Felt - Felt guy then says, "Well, I don't know exactly what is in the big shipment, but I am 90% sure the tires are in there and will ship on Monday and be here guessed it....Friday.

I go in to the bike shop today - no tires. This is crazy! The bike shop calls Felt up and goes over the entire story with them - the guy on the other end says that they haven't had those tires in stock for months now and they don't know when they will ever be in because they are on backorder and have been since last year.

To make a long story short (too late!)

1. They come in as 26"
2. They promise delivery within for more than a month and half
3. I speak with Felt and they say they have them - they have "too many" and to check the SKU
4. More broken promises
5. As of today the new message is: They don't have them - haven't had them for a long time - don't know when they ever will.

Aside from $249 each Coker tires - does anyone have a source for 24" white or cream tires?






you sure felt makes a 24in white tire? looks like coker is the only one with a 24in white tire. 20in and 26in white are out there. 24in white wall is out there but i don't see 24in white with the exception of coker.


opps. felt does make a 24X3 white. your gonna have to keep on them at that bike shop.


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Dec 15, 2006
I would check with mike simpson (motorbikemike)
if anyone knows, it'll be him :D


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Aug 29, 2009
I'm looking for the same tires, but I don't think I can fit a 3" width. So I'm looking for 24 x 2.125. I was wonder if you ever found any or know where i can get some


Mar 31, 2009
So I think the quick brick is the 26" tire and the thick brick is the 24" tire. I think both come in cream but if they were trying to order the quick brick in 24" that would explain the confusion.

super dave

Jun 9, 2009
hey MoonKS you can try these guys there are in Canada but ship to US and i have used them many times for my builds.