26" Kent Men's Devastator 7-speed Fat Tire Bike - Tire Failure

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Leroybrown420, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Leroybrown420

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    Look out for these bikes; "26" Kent Men's Devastator 7-speed Fat Tire Bike". Just had a tube explode when the tire popped off the rim. The tire shows 30 psi, fill them up. Rode the bike. Parked it and BOOM! I did talk to the MFG, they recommend no more than 20 psi. Seems to be known problem from reading some of the reviews online.

    PART_1438304379727_0730151759.jpg PART_1438303989424_0730151752.jpg PART_1438304048660_0730151753.jpg PART_1438304185714_0730151755.jpg PART_1438304262082_0730151757.jpg

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    I have had one of these bikes for several months. At 30 psi they ride like a tank, I have been running mine at 22 psi, better ride than at 30 psi still easy to pedal. I am running 15 pounds in my motorized beast with the same tires, that is a very smooth ride, and I haven't had a flat in over 1500 miles
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    That's the same wheel set the Mongoose Dolomite uses.
    Haven't had any issues riding @20lbs.


    What are going to put in it?
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    I've never had a tire pop off the bead just sitting there. The tire shows 30psi, filled them. Rode the bike down the road. On the way home the front tire started to wobble like it had loose spokes. Parked the bike. Went back to a different project. Heard the tire pop off the bead, then BOOM! The tube blew. Sounded like a cherry bomb going off.

    Maybe the lip on the wheel is too small or smooth. IMO, the tire should say 20 psi if that's where they want it.

    I no longer own this bike. Was going to turn it into a chopper. The thought owning, riding or selling a MB when the tire are known to pop off the bead frightens me.