29er Lessons Learned

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    When building my Genesis 29er with assistance from my brother-in-law, we ran into a few challenges. In short, if you are looking for a plug and play bike to install a motor on, this is NOT it. Here are the lessons we learned along the way.

    1) The Universal Motor Mount will save you if installed correctly. It's worth the $15.

    2) In order to avoid chain slip, install the rear sprocket dish side out. We tried it the "correct" way.

    3) With the 2011 66cc Skyhawk, you will MOST DEFINITELY need an off-set Intake Pipe.

    4) The chain tensioner must be put on with the roller facing inboard. See point #2

    5) The coil will not be able to be mounted with the stock hardware. We used zip-ties and it seems to work out rather nicely.

    6) When placing the fuel tank, place it as far forward as possible. I have mine within a eighth of an inch from the front headset. This will cure the inevitable leg rub when riding in bicycle/stealth mode.

    7) For the 29er Mountain Bike, you will have to modify the rear mount slightly. Air Grinders or a Dremel and a lot of patience are a good thing.

    8) You can never mock up too many times. We did with specific components and the whole motor.

    9) The 2011 Motor is a very tight fit. The Spark Plug Wire will be resting on the top bar. In order to change the plug, you will have to pull the motor.:icon_cry: That is why it's internal name is 428CJ (reference to the Mustang 428CJ which the motor had to be pulled to change spark plugs)

    10) Using curved Wire Cutters, cut that little annoying piece of plastic inside the throttle grip handle. Properly tightened down, it will fit the 29er handlebar perfectly. No need to drill.

    10a) There will be enough room to move everything down on the handlebars. I run the new choke (modified thumb shifter) and two handles on the left side (front brake and clutch).

    10b) The 29er Shift levers are integrated with the brake levers. Unfortunately, no independent placement of brakes and shifter. :(

    These are all the lessons that I can think of. Any suggestions to add to the list are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your help. I read a large amount of your posts before starting this project.

    Remember, there are two types of people. Those who write manuals, and there are those who build.:jester:

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    You are pretty much right on with all of the suggestions. I just completed my build on the 29r Sunday and have it rolling.
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    Thanks Tom. Your bike looks sweet! I am hoping to get mine back Thursday. It's at my Dad's house and my brother-in-law is coming out to get me Thursday. It runs, but does need the offset to keep running. It is mainly for choke and air filter clearance issues
  4. Beauitful bike looks retro
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    Palm Springs Cruisin

    Thank you flmotorbikes. Riding today downtown Palm Springs. It's funny I go to the hardware store and about 8 people are standing around gawking at the bike and it is always the same questions. How much, how fast does it go, where did you get it? YOU BUILT IT YOURSELF? I take off cruising down Sunrise and hit the kill switch as I come to a light where three girls are on the corner and I cruise up. I said to them... sorry for barging into your conversation. They were very nice and asked me if I had any brothers. I took off and headed downtown. As I was riding down a busy Indian Canyon these people in a Mercedes were riding next to me doing the same interview on the busy street as I was riding. I stop to make a left turn when a guy yells Hey is that a Whizzer? Crazy but lots of fun.
  6. Great story, seems as you have no trouble with police, so did you register your bike
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    Actually, I just sent the registration form to the DMV on Friday. I have not had any problems in Palm Springs. Before I built it I talked to one of the Leos I play golf with and he said PS PD do not really mess with bikes. Being a resort town there are so many strange bikes that show up they really dont mess with them. I still ghost pedal when I see one.