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    There was a time several years ago when I was really into bicycles so I have quite a collection of partsand tools. I had planned to have a few gas bicycles, but switched over to electric due to the restrictive laws in CA. I'm kinda over the bicycle thing now, so I plan to sell all my gas kits, electric kits, and tools (Park Tools truing stand, wheel alignment tool, frame bender, etc). I thought I'd try listing them on this forum before I send them to auction on ebay.

    I have 3 Staton Inc kits for sale. They were all purchased new by me, but never put into use. The most that was done with them was test mounting them on various bike styles. Staton tests the engines at his shop and drains the fluids prior to shipping them out, but I've never refilled up the fluids and put them in use. They have been stored in a rubbermaid tote and I just pulled them out of my garage. The 2 kits with engines come with the popular Robin Subaru EH035 (4 cycle, 1.6hp) which now retails for $529 but sold out everywhere. The engines are made in Japan.

    I have 100% positive feedback on ebay, and just sold my Honda GX25 engine on there last week.

    1) Staton Inc FRONT friction drive kit WITHOUT engine.
    This kit is made for FRONT wheel mounting and will work with the Honda GX25 or Robin Subaru EH025 engines. It comes with a 0.930" roller which is what Staton recommends for the Honda GX25. The channel has "" laser engraved on it. There is 1 piece missing from this kit and it is the backer plate for the U-bracket which is circled in red in the pics (it's the flat piece of steel with three 17/64" holes in it pictured at the top of this link: The clutch housing is for 52mm clutch rotor/54mm clutch drum. It comes with mounting holes for both 54mm and 78mm engines, so you could possibly run this with a Honda GX35 or RS EH035 if you changed out the clutch drum.
    $90 + shipping
    20140701_173851 - Copy.jpg
    20140701_173925 - Copy.jpg

    2) Staton Inc REAR friction drive kit with new Robin Subaru EH035 engine. It comes with a 1.5" roller. The channel does not have staton inc laser engraved on it like the front kit has.
    $500 + shipping

    3) Staton Inc OUTSIDE chain drive kit with Robin Subaru EH035 engine. This is the perfect kit for those with Dahon folding bikes as it will allow you to still completely fold your bike with this kit mounted. It comes with a 20"x1.75" 48-spoke Odyssey Hazard Lite chrome rim with DTswiss black spokes. This wheel was custom built for strength, durability, and bling. This wheel was used for maybe ~20 miles on my Dahon, but the rest of the kit is still new. I originally paid ~$150 to have the rim and spokes laced to the Staton chain drive hub.
    $750 for the whole kit or $650 without wheel/staton hub. I'll get better pics of the complete kit tomorrow.

    I have these professional grade bicycle tools made by Park Tool, and the condition is like new. All the wheel tools were used to build a total of 4 wheels. The frame bending tool was used just once to widen the rear of my Dahon frame. They were all purchased new by me and have been properly stored since then. I'll post pics tomorrow.

    - Park Tool WAG-4 Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge
    - Park Tool FFS-2 Frame, Fork, and Handlebar Straightener
    - Park Tool TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter
    - Park Tool TS-2.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stand WITH Tilting Base