36 Tooth Sprocket Questions

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by davidtuerk, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. davidtuerk

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    I think I want to buy this sprocket: here
    My goal is to lower my RPM and to increase speed at a lower RPM, Currently my sprocket is a 44 tooth, will I notice a difference?

    Thanks! :D

  2. butre

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    When you're geared that tall unless you've got a lot of modifications you won't have enough low end torque to really do anything. 44 tooth is the sweet spot for an unmodified engine, but you may be able to get away with a 40 tooth sprocket if you're willing to give it some pedal assistance at low RPMs
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  3. butterbean

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    Actually, it really depends on his terrain and weight. If he is a lighter guy and lives in a generally flat area, the 36t should be fine. If he can pedal to take off and start, no problems. But he will lose climbing ability to a severe degree, so if there are any hills you struggle up now, forget it with a 36t.
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  4. davidtuerk

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    I'm about 135-140lbs, when I first start my bike I get up to top speed in about 2-3 seconds and I do about 40 Km/h when I have it just about cracked wide open. There are only two steep hills I climb that I can think of on my way to work in the next town over and when I currently climb them with the 44 tooth the engine has a hard time pushing me up it.

    What mods could I do to give me more power? My engine is a 66cc skyhawk with the angled head.
  5. butterbean

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    There are several options. The easiest being that you aquire a range of pedaling gears to assist in climbing tough hills. This requires NO modifications to the drivetrain OR engine. If you have a single speed beach cruiser, you can either buy a wheel with an internally geared hub or upgrade to a mountain bike. If you don't want to pedal at all, you can add a shift kit. You can also use a large displacement 4 stroke, but this will be the most expensive option because you will need a drivetrain that fits, and there are only two commercially available. If you are in decent shape, you should be able to pedal assist up those hills no problem. But it's up to you either way.
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  6. davidtuerk

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    Yeah pedaling would be no problem, I actually want to look into getting a 80cc Honda dirt bike engine in my bike, It would be expensive but totaly worth it as those things fly.
  7. gator joe

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    you shouldn't be having those problems may have not broken the engine in good but as far as modifications go with the expansion chamber trust me and make sure you have a good spark plug I used to ngkb 6 but it depends where you live