4 stroke flooding issues.



hey all ok, here is my problem. all day yesterday and about 10 minutes today i was doing a ramp in my street. yes i know im stupid but it was un unbelievably fun! anyway yesterday i had the camera out and i took a pic of my friend on his push bike. i wanted to be part of the fun so i got the 4 stroker out. i had fun till 11 last night, and thismorning i re set up the ramp, about double the height, and was ramping for about 10 mins. i was comfeterable with the setup, so i went to the end of the street like i did last night. i hit the ramp, stuck the landing, but i guess i came down hard cause it was enough for me to hit the seat so hard it tilted all the way back, and i sat on the tire, making a rather painful skidmark. this all happened at full throttle, so it was at full throttle wanting to die cause it couldnt go on account of my a ss being on the tire. no harm just a black mark on my pants. anyway, it slowly dies, while idleing for some reason, i thought oh its just cause of the stress on the clutch. (full throttle to none) so after fixing the seat i go to start it after about 6 pulls the cord breaks,so i push it back to the shed i get on the cement floor and find a steady drip of gas, dripping from th gearbox, but the overflow is up agains the gearbox so i was thinking the carb was probablly fooded. i shut off the fuel put down a metal paint roller tray and came in. my question is, how did this hapen? i included a pic of the ramp at about 1/2 of the height it was today.

it was well worth the cord though,that was at least 10 feet of air!!!
(ramp is a 8 foot metal shed door on today 2 bricks but yesterday just 1)


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update, today i took apart a pull starter for the 1st time. i dont even need to explan to anyone who has done this. anyway, if my dad cant fix it, im screwed lol i turned on the fuel and the carb still leaks like a siv so tommrow i tear apart that.
My guess would be that the float in the carb is stuck, or the little piece that pushes the valve closed got bent. You'll probly have to take it apart to see. Worst case (hopefully), you'll have to replace the float.
well, the float was working fine, but it pushes this little pin with a spring on it. im wondering if the pin isnt working right, cause the pin has a spring on it and if i push the float all the way to the top, it(the spring) still doesn't not make contact
FIRE!!! the fumes from gasoline inside a garage are easily ignited by water heater, dryer or even a dropped hand tool. see if your dad wants to rebuild the house. this happens all the time.
lol its not in a garage, or even atached to the house, its a shed, where i turn of the breaker from inside every night. plus it has vents in the attic so fumes dont build up.
Any way you have the line in to check the float valve that it's doing it's job when you lift your float up? With that working any chance that maybe you cracked your float where as it won't anymore float?
Sorry Tater but that vid is a bit dark.
well, i had my dad look at it (harley dude) and he cant see anthing wrong. he said mabey the spring wasnt seated right but he doubted it. checked the float in submerged water and no bubbles. i think im just gonna replace the carb but i need to find a seller 1st.
I had the exact same problem with flooding. You have a piece of dirt stuck in there somewhere. you are going to have to get some compressed air and blow through the openings becuase just taking it apart won't help.