4 Stroke Kit Comparisons: GEBE vs. Whopper Stopper

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Oysterville, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Looking to switch from friction drive in the wet Pacific Northwest and would like input to help me decide between a GEBE belt-drive kit and the Grubee Whopper Stopper chain-drive kit. I've seen limited info on the Whopper Stopper kits around here, for the most part. I do like the in-frame mount idea, though.

    Pros and cons? I'm hoping I don't start some sort of motored bikes religious war with this...

  2. vegaspaddy

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    questions to ask yourself


    its probably personal preference, with the engine mounted over the rear wheel the GEBE setup has proved to be a work horse and a sturdy reliable setup, although some people hate the look because of its mounting position.

    The in frame kit is going to look way different,with good mounting and painting skills the 4 stroke will blend into the body of bicycle.

    Me personally, i own a 2 stroke gebe and it hasn't missed a heart beat, but my next ride will be a stretched cruiser with a in-body 4 stroke setup, which kit, not sure yet.....no matter what you choose if you check out the galleries it always helps, gives you an ideas for your build. There are so gorgeous build lurking around and the kits are constantly been developed.... lucky us !!!!!!
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  3. Staton

    Ive had two Gebe's. A whopper stopper 4stroke and the Grubee 4G in frames. I also had a staton rear mount powered by a Tanaka 40cc. The staton IMHP was the best and most reliable . I just like the look of the inframe and the balance.