Whopper Stopper vs Chinese "80cc" 2-stroke

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    I've been researching motorized bikes for many months now and have come to an impasse.

    For the engine, I am torn between the "80cc" 2-stroke from spookytooth and the 4-stroke Skyhawk Stage II Whopper Stopper. I was thinking of buying the Whopper Stopper kit below and then having Roland throw it on a Qurve (frame-mount, if possible).


    I know that one problem with the spookytooth 2-stroke is that the range is limited to 30 miles before excessive engine wear can occur. Another issue is the fact that I will have to constantly add 2-stroke engine oil.

    I want to go 30-40 MPH and also have range and reliability.

    Has anybody had experience with these 2 engines and can compare them?

    P.S. Would there be an advantage to running the Whopper Stopper without its gearbox?

    Thank you,


  2. azbill

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    I have run the 2 strokes for 20 miles at a time many times
    roland says that because he is in the desert (like me) and locals get 120+ in summer(then, the engines DO get hot),
    I ride in summer here all the time never had heat related problems,,,I only use 25:1 ratio (5oz/gal)
    your butt will want to stop and take a break before the engine will
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    Welcome to MBc...i have the ch80 on a 1970 huffy, mine needs to be warmed up because i live in washington state it has not gotten over 50 degrees yet...we run it 25-1...the new bike that i first got fell apart under the engine...my next project will be a GEBE belt drive or something more durrable...i am not a mechanic and these 2 strokes need allot...here is a thread that might interst you:http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=7919
    BTW stop by introduce yourself there is allot of cool info in the other nebies' threads too...good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring...
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    30 mile range? Nope, not for my 2 stroke happy time engines that I rode in 100+ deg F temperatures in the 4 corners area last summer. It was hot out but my Happy Time withstood the test of the heat and time with many rides lasting several hours at a time of constant operation.

    BTW, CASTOR 2 stroke oil is what will make these engines shine in desert temperatures. I run nothing but full throttle in case you are curious.
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    hey skyliner what part of the 4corners? i live in dgo co.
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    If adding 2 stoke oil is a chore for you, then you'll definitly want the 4 stroke.
    in my opinion, 2 strokes can make more power than a 4 stroke, and a 2 stroke will outlast a 4 stroke (but maybe not these specific china 2 strokes).
    2 strokes have less internal parts, weigh less and can rev a lot higher.
    Plus, adding the correct expansion chamber exhaust to a 2 stroke, is like bolting on a supercharger.
    you can't get those kinds of results out of a 4 stroke with a bolt on exhaust.
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    Have you ever ridden a bicycle at 30-40 mph ? If not, you're in for a big surprise. Most people on this forum will tell you not only does it feel dangerous, it is dangerous. You also might want to check your local state laws if you’re planning to ride on public property.
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    Yes, not to mention what porkchop just said.
    30-40 mph on a bicycle is fast!
  9. Porkchop

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    Yeah, my bike, which is a Schwinn Suburban with fork suspension and seat post suspension, for the most part feels pretty solid and stable. The fastest I’ve ridden it, for how ever accurate the speedometer is, and I’d say within 1 or 2 mph, is 32mph. At that speed it started getting big time squirreley and the asphalt around me started looking harder and harder. Bike feels smooth and safe up to about 27mph. Look at it this way, mid to upper 20’s is faster than most people can peddle for any length of time/distance, and still beats the heck out of leg power, especially on a long drive. BE SAFE !
  10. motorpsycho

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    my bike (20" schwinn stingray with a springer front end, ape hangers and sitting as low as possible) has topped out at 32 mph according to a police radar gun.
    it's a bit squirrly at that speed with the springer frontend on it, but man is it fun.
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    3-1/2 year old thread.
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    now that's funny!!!
    I never even looked at the original posting date...:dunce:
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    Posting date

    I did the same thing when I was a noob and stan4d made me feel stupid about it, and once That guy got on your case you were banned in no time.
    Big Red.
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    Yeap, I'm always sitting there on saddle thinking about how bad it would be if something went south at 30mph +............... Answer is: Remember no matter what you've done in mods, IT'S STILL A BICYCLE!~
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    but does anyone care if it's an old thread, being resurrected with useful information added to previous content?
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    Usefull Info?

    I guess it's cool if it's something new, and usefull information.
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