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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by mabman, Apr 18, 2009.

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    I ran in to a guy here in Austin that has 20 Hua Sheng kits that he wants to unload. I said I would post an ad here with some pics and a price of $200 f.o.b. and see if it would help him out any?

    He brought one in to see what was up with the gearbox and a keeper pin was missing so we will check all the gearboxes for this phenomenon before shipping.

    The cranks are pretty worthless as they are cottered cranks but you can heat and bend your one piece cranks really easily and there are posts on here of those that have accomplished this.

    Call Chris @ 512-694-6529. Please just call to order and not ask a bunch of questions as these are well documented kits that sell elsewhere for more. CC friendly but not via paypal.

    Willits Pix 066.jpg

    Willits Pix 067.jpg

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    aint these a HOOT?
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    I'm new at this hobby. Can you explain more about the cottered crank ? What does that men exactly ? Looks like this engine has a pull start. Does it have centrifigal clutch ? Thanks for more info !
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    Never mind !!!! Duh ! I was thinking in terms of the engine crank shaft ! Not the pedals. Goes to show you how my mind works. Anyway, what's the engine size of these things ? Thanks !
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    Kits are all gone. Thanks for looking.

    As far as cottered cranks go they are the ones typically used on "english racer" type bikes years back. They are not adaptable to either the one piece or three piece cranks popular today. This site explains many of the questions you have about bicycles in general: http://sheldonbrown.com/cotters.html
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    Like I said, I wan't tinking. I know what those things are. My old Schwinn unicycle has cottered cranks on it ! I never liked them. They always wore into the shaft, and then the cranks would would get weeble wobbely. Not good at all on a 1 wheeler !
    Thanks for the reply.