4 Wheel "Surrey"

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Unregistered, May 28, 2008.

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    We have a four place, four wheel "Surrey" >bike< with a puny electric motor mounted in the left rear wheel hub, imported from China by "Palm Imports" of Orlando. Five hundred bucks, 48 volt, worth of **** addition was supposed to help it along. The problem is that it works in response to a magnet impulse mounted on one of the four cranks. Sounds good...But since it is too heavy to get rolling in the first place, and pedaling it uphill is impossible, how does one make the crank move? (My wife and I are both 70 years old.)

    Any ideas? (So far this "fishing anchor" has set me back 3 grand.)

    Bob Cyr

  2. Do you have a pic?

    I say add a 4 stroke rack mount to one of the rear wheels and rip that electric stuff out.

    Is this what you have?

    Maybe TWO rack mounts! Pull one rope to get you started then pull the other rope on the other wheel to REALLY get you going! :grin:

    Or probably the cheapest way to go is a Briggs and Stratton 12 HP Horizontal shaft under that bench connected to your rear wheels and a key start!
    ...and a speedometer!!!
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    Well, without knowing the exact specs, we're just tossing out ideas here, but, couldn't you relocate the magnetic pickup and attach the magnet to a tiny DC electric motor shaft?

    Is there a separate 'throttle' for the hub-mount motor, or does a controller pick up the speed that you're peddling and adjust the 'booster' hub-motor accordingly?

    If the latter, you would adjust the surrey speed by adjusting the speed of the magnet motor.

    There may also be a jumper or switch setting on the controller for it to ignore the magnetic input. Again, without detailed info, we can't know for sure.

    Have you tried contacting Palm Imports to see if there is a bypass for the magnetic pickup?

    I also saw an announcement at their site that they're coming out with a 5-speed upgrade kit for their older surrey models.
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  4. Get a bike shop to put lower gears on it.

    CHATTAB New Member

    The electric drive on your surrey...

    I live in NW Florida, and have no hills! I might be interested in buying your electric drive unit! Let me know if this interests you. Thanks.