53cc 4-stroke 7-speed shifting Genisis 29er

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  1. KCvale

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    This is my second build with my new 10G long shaft transfer case and HS 144F-1G 53cc 4-stroke engine.

    Customer supplied used 7-speed Genisis 29er.


    The cut back case cover shows the larger freewheel bearing in the large pulley to lower pedal drag, which allows for smaller 9T solid sprocket that is adjustable on the shaft.


    The bases for the 10G are all a drill to fit the bike.
    Once the 2-part 3-point mount base is down and engine bolted on, the carrier bearing plate is attached.


    It takes longer to get the engine in, but a pretty simple system to operate and maintain from there.

    I like the little extra power a 53cc engine gives over the 49cc.
    The NGK 7544 (CR7HIX Iridium) plug, open exhaust, and properly adjusted valves (.04mm intake .06mm exhaust) add more.

    Top speed unknown but it rode with the flow in 40mph city traffic like a motorcycle with throttle and gears to spare.

    A front shock fork with a disc brake is what goes on it next.

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    Congrats on what looks like a very well designed Motor-drive.

    That looks like it might be a 1" fork, if so, please keep us updated.

    Your Pics are always great. Thanks for all the work that you do to display your builds.
  3. KCvale

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    Thanks for the Kudos.

    It took me over a year working with Don Grube (Skyhawk) to get what I feel is the best 4-stroke drive system for the HS 49/53cc 1G engines for a shifting build made and shipped.

    I only have about 15 left for this year.

    As for this build, that bike is out the door, the customer may throw a fork on himself or have me do it and I'll know then, but he is asking about a similar system on a soft tail (front and rear suspension) build.

    My kind of customer, lot's of money and wants something reliable and easy to cruise to work on and get some attention.

    He called yesterday.
    He is the new Head Chef at a posh restaurant up in Cave Creek but 'Transportation Challenged' as I like to call it.

    In short he can't drive his Beamer for a year or two but still wants to look cool and not dink with 'making it go'.

    I should take pictures of customers faces when they come back from a ride, the similes really are priceless as well as the Kudo Calls days later.

    It's a tough gig with a small customer base, but when you are the only one that does it there really isn't any price comparisons ;-}
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