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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by unraw, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. unraw

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    My muffler always fell off because i had to cut it to made it fit and the copper fitting that i had on there didn't work properly.so I made a new one out of some 3/4 inch copper pipe and a thread in lawnmower muffler. it is quite loud. It has insane power now. It feels like I have my 44t back but with still the speed. In the vid you can notice it hesitates before revving. What is this a sign of? Is it running too rich? It did this with my other pipe too. Its also running quite hot since i put it on there. should i be concerned?


  2. wildemere

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    sounds lean to me, check the plug colour
  3. Sounds lean to me too. Could be lack of back pressure that a two stroke needs to run properly.
  4. Mountainman

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    with some study here on site -- HOMEWORK
    might be worth finding out in regards to back pressure needed

    I have in the past left most of my 2-strokes STOCK

    a little concern here -- running hot

    do not wish to burn something up -- do we ??

    piston ect ???

    makes it hard to ride that thing Mountainman
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    well I found out its running pretty lean. So I've fixed the stock muffler. better to have less power than to run it lean. it sure had a lot of power though. I've seen someone on this forum had a xcan muffler. I'll search around and see if i want that. Hopefly I can find a cheaper expansion chamber though. ie: sub $100
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    It does sound lean and lean = heat. Not good for a 2 stroke or any engine for that matter. I would lower the clip on the needle one notch. That will raise the needle and make it a run little richer. Read the plug first to make sure it is a lean condition.

  7. arceeguy

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    It has been said that a two stroke runs the best right before it blows up.
    (It is wise to keep it slightly on the "rich side" of peak power)
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  9. unraw

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    Thanks for the link. ive been looking for a pocket bike exhaust that would fit decent but i couldnt find one. How much did you have to extend it to get it tuned?
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    dunno about tuning it really, it was really a matter of getting it to fit and keeping it tucked out of the way so I can peddle without getting burned.
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    ok. I checked ebay and that muffler was sold out. too bad.