6v and 12v HT Generators?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Molotov256, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Molotov256

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    Anybody seen the mini generators for the 2 Stroke HT's on ebay?

    Check out a store called "Wonderful Creations"


    Search their store for Mini Generator or Mini Gen... they've also got a whole category for MB lighting.

    Thoughts? Experiences?

  2. AussieSteve

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    Have you searched? A Google search for 'mini gen' at the top of the page yields plenty of results.
  3. Molotov256

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    I don't know how your google works, but all I'm seeing is a bunch of posts about slant heads and other non-electrical stuff. But whatever, I just figured it'd be good to start a fresh conversation based around these add on generators. They look cool, and if they're half as awesome as they claim to be, I'd feel like a %#$bag if I didn't try and spread the word :detective:
  4. thuginfc

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    i wanna know who has used one and if it really worked as its siposta before i go drop more money on lighting system then i did the whole motor kit
  5. AussieSteve

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    Odd, I got 4 pages of results, some related and some not.

    Nothing wrong with that. I wound a similar coil about 6 months ago, but couldn't get more than about 2W output. I think the Mini-Gen produces about 3W.
    Since I want really bright lights, I didn't pursue it further and went with a belt-driven generator.
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  6. HseLoMein

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    I have both versions of the mini gen, 6v coil is currently on my bike it acutually put out about 10 watts of power, and the voltage changes with rpms, you can definately get it to 12 volts or higher.

    The 12v one is still in the packaging it will go on my chopper when its complete.

    Overall they work very well and it worth the money
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  7. Molotov256

    Molotov256 Member

    Thx, LoMein! Personal experience makes for the best reviews/testimonials.
  8. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    10W is a **** of a lot, from a coil that size without pole pieces close to the magnet. Are you sure?
    What was the rpm, voltage and current?
  9. HseLoMein

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    The coil is spaced about the width of a business card away from the magnent when it is installed. the 10W claim is what the manufacturer claims, It is a larger and heavier guage coil than that ones built in with the 100+v /6v blue and white wire coil( builtin magneto), those are two coils wrapped into one.

    The coil sits in the empty space on the opposite side of the magneto. I have yet to find a way to put a heavy enough load to kill the engine with it. And if you directly short it, it removed it self from the system which is nice. the additional load will mess with your idle.

    Form the slight testing ii did do on my friends bike, and using the tiny tach, the RPM was around 2000 idle, i was getting about 6v ish. and i put a 3 watt resistor on it to create a load, and it didnt kill the engine, i will do more thorough testing now i have more proper equipment
  10. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    That's about the same distance from the magnet as my DIY coil. Although it works, it's nowhere near as efficient as having pole pieces close to the magnet, like the original ignition/kill winding.

    Identical to my coil in that regard. I used 0.315mm enamelled copper wire for mine, but I can't remember how many turns I wound. Like the original ignition winding, I used a laminated iron core.
    The biggest problem was that there isn't enough space on the RHS of the magnet for a decent coil.

    The 2W that I measured from mine was at about 3500rpm, from memory. (6V, 330mA)

    No, there's no reason why it should kill the engine. The mini-gen winding is on a different core than the other original coil, so it doesn't load it down electrically. All it will do is steal the drawn power from the engine's power.
    Incidentally, you said a 3W resistor but didn't mention the resistance. At 6V, 3W will be drawn by a 12 ohm resistor. ie. Connect a 12 ohm, 5W resistor, then measure the voltage across it. P=V²/R
    To test for 10W at 6V, use a 3.6 ohm, 10W resistor. (A 3.9 ohm would be near enough, that's 9.2W)

    Overall, after my testing, I'm skeptical that anything like 10W can be drawn from the mini-gen coil. The lighting system that they sell, to accompany the mini-gen, is 3W if I remember correctly. I reckon that if the mini-gen really produced 10W, they'd sell a 10W lighting system.

    I've attached a pic of my home-made coil. With a bit more messing around, I could have boosted the output power a little, but not much, probably only to 3 or 4 watts. Going down to 0.25mm wire would help, but I wouldn't like to go thinner than that for those currents. (10W is 1.7A at 6V) Possibly a smaller core, too.That'd leave more room for extra turns.

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  11. waitin4u2b

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    Mini Gens

    Hey I recently purchased a 12v magneto and 12v mini generator from this company and they work GREAT!!!! You know the 2 stroke comes with a 6v magneto. Now I'm running head and rear lights; signal mirrors; and a 1000w sound system on a 26" motorized bike. Told me i was crazy now they want me to built them one. I have a chrome Micargi stretch beach cruiser 55" wheelbase. A 250cc is going on that bad boy. With the Mini battery charger( purchased from same company) my 12v 35ah sealed battery is always ready to go. I love going to the parks here in Florida and watch a movie on my7" flip out screen am/fm/cd/dvd player powered but the battery people just freak that all this can be on a bicycle
  12. Timbone

    Timbone Active Member

    I've found an inexpensive headlight (12V, 35 Watts) that I would love to place on my motorbike. But I don't think these little coils can crank out 3 amps. I guess if you place a 12V battery and charger in the system, you've found the Holy Grail.
  13. bakaneko

    bakaneko Active Member

    Just a quick question. Has anyone tried using the friction generators, which power head and tail lights, and to trickle charge a SLA battery? I know the friction generators steal some of the power from the motor but it seems like it could be a quick, low hassle solution for those who need headlights or taillights.
  14. johnsteve

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    I wanna know if anyone have tried to get a generator or alternator to charge a 36 or 40 volt battery as in an electric motor mounted on a bicycle?
  15. danlandberg

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    I bought a 12v mini gen on e-bay for 30.00. Had to do a little clearancing so nothing touched anything and grounded out. After installing, I noticed a decrease in motor HP. Nothing is connected to the gen yet. I'm building a rectify/regulator to charge an 8.4v ni-ion battery pack for a Solar Storm 10000lm led head lamp. Just wondering if the mini-gen windings could be putting enough drag on the magnet to notice the power loss? (With nothing hooked up yet)???
    If so, some mods are going to be nessesary to reclaim the lost power.
    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. BikeMan2

    BikeMan2 Guest

    Did you buy yours from GasBikeDotNet on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/262277794979?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT ? I bought one of there's and put it in my motor today waiting on other parts for my lighting to come in.
  17. danlandberg

    danlandberg Member

    What v did you get? And I believe that it was GB.Net, it's been a while. They sell a reg/rect. Box for the mini gen. I like to build my own. Just getting all the electronic components from China is what's taking all the time. All just for the fun of hobby(s).
  18. BikeMan2

    BikeMan2 Guest

    I got a good steady 6v to 8v at idle and 16v at a quick crack of the throttle. I am doing the same thing waiting on parts from China. While I am waiting I got this bright ideal I have this rectifier so I plugged it in to test my forward voltage drop and amps I got a drop of 1v but when I tested amps I dont know what happened the motor started ramping (1.1 Amps ) I shut the motor off . I then got another bright ideal I had an old smart phone charger I figured well I know this is rectified and smoothed ( lets plug this in and see if I get the constant voltage ) I got nothing but 0.3v. I removed it and tested the gen again alone and I only get 3v output now. I am not a smart guy when it comes to this Electrical stuff.
  19. BikeMan2

    BikeMan2 Member

    Can anyone tell me the capacitors I should use with a rectifier?
  20. BikeMan2

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    Ok I have done some testing and I think I know how to get good clean power from my Gen. As we all know that the Gens and CDI puts off AC and that the wave form is crazy cause of the magnet spinning at diffrent RPM. Well when I take my DVM and I plug into my Gen and the + side of Ignition coil hot side I get a steady 5.08v at Idle (I mean like super steady no voltage float at all) So my thought is this. Take my Rectifier and plug the ac lines into the Coil and my Gen and then see what I get and what happens and the Voltage is and also if we gain power back or loose more power from the wheel. I did note that the bike dont really feel the same with the Gen as far as power goes but there is always a down fall somewhere :)
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