7-speed 36V 1KA/h shifting Kent Bayside Trike with 'Special Box'.

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    Hi Guys,

    This is the flagship of a new line of super high quality Adult Electric Shifting Tricycles prototype and I am pretty excited about it ;-}


    The 24" Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle is about the best made adult tricycle on the market for this purpose and at $500 it shows.
    It has a strong steel alloy frame, front V-brake and rear Band brake so it stops on a dime, a Shimano 7-speed transmission, comfortable high handlebars and lumbar support backrest seat, and an ample rear basket.

    I mounted my new patent-pending 'Universal Electric Trike Box Kit' on the back between the trike frame and the basket (more on that below)
    The dependable Cyclone 24V-48V 600W-1200W geared DC electric motor with freewheel sprocket is attached behind the seat post to retain the easy step through design and the drive chain attaches to an innovative dual sprocket front pedal assembly with freewheeling pedals. What this means is you pedal the trike with no drag from the motor, or the motor can power the sprockets and the pedals just ratchet in place, or you can pedal and use the motor at the same time.


    The custom rear box holds a giant 36V 40A 1200W Lithium Ion battery capable of reaching 25MPH for well over 30 miles before a re-charge, the motor controller, and the 'plug it in and forget it' battery charger that extends out of the box in front so you simply plug in the universal AC cord to recharge it and a switch to turn on the rear 'Christmas Tree' running lights.


    The front has an intense Lithium Ion powered 1200 Lumen CREE LED headlight with 3 modes, High, Low and Strobe as bright as a car headlight and the strobe function is perfect for being seen over a mile away in daylight.

    I developed this motorized Trike for all of the aging baby boomers that aren't as comfortable as they once were on two wheels and want some cargo space for trips up to the store or just going out for a little exercise and to enjoy the weather knowing they can always make it back home with motor help.

    My wife fits in that category but even with all the high end motorized 2-wheelers at my disposal I must admit I really enjoy riding it too.


    I'll post up the the layout of the parts in the box when I have a chance in case you are interested but I am like a giddy school kid today as I sold that one and have an order for another ;-}

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  3. KCvale

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    Ohh come on, I am not selling my trike here in a post, I'll buy an ad here when my ducks are in a row, I am just excited and sharing what I came up with my friends here as I think this was a pretty clever innovative thing.

    Also note I am no rookie here and have permission to link my web in my sig here as I just build and sale locally.

    Anyway here is the monster of a battery I am having make.


    And this how I laid it out in the Harrmond Mfg. electronics case.


    All in all pretty clever I thought ;-}
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    Hey KC nice trike and decent description. I don't see this as spam because someone could actually build one of these trikes themselves with all the details you have given here.

    Also I've changed the vendor rules recently so if you would like a place to put price tags on bikes then you can get access to the Vendor Area simply by linking to the forum. Read this if you are interested: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthr...AD-Vendor-Rules-and-how-to-get-access-in-here
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    Thanks Anton, I always do my fair share of helping others when I am here and don't only come in to brag but I certainly do brag about some of the bikes I've built ;-}
    I'm not sure how 'Link Backs' work but I have had a link to here since early 2011 in my 'Tips and Tricks' forum.

    I will certainly look into the Vendor area as that sounds like a pretty cool way to help those that have things for sale.

    Other than my little foray into my custom 2-stroke ignition system upgrade with keylock a couple years back I am just a 'complete tested build' local builder, but this trike thing might just really take off and worth making an animated .gif paid ad here as it is something I can ship ;-}

    Bad news on the actual trike front however, Kent discontinued the Bayside Adult Trike!

    This looks like suitable replacement though.

    It doesn't have a front shock but it has 6-speed opposed to a 7, same brakes, etc so I can use just a little bit fatter drive chain, and this comes with rear wheel fenders the Bayside didn't for about the same price and pretty much the same frame style for about the same delivered price so I ordered one.

    The hard part for me now is buying enough volume of my 2 custom parts to make it fly, the case and battery, at nearly $650 together a pop each volume is really hard but that is just business, I provided a good base of info here for you home builders to use whatever parts you buy to make your own in a format that seems to work pretty darn well and besides bragging my whole point of sharing here ;-}
  6. KCvale

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    The best laid plans of mice and men...

    Kent discontinued that Bayside tike I was basing this on.
    I managed to score the last one from a supplier that had already removed it from on-line and found a good replacement I think...

    A Raktuen 24" Adult Tricycle Bicycle 6 Speed Trike


    About the same price delivered so I ordered on of them too.
    The big obvious negative difference is the lack of a front shock.
    It does however have a 6 speed so a little fatter chain and fenders on all 3 wheels.

    Regardless it is a source and I can see how my 'universal box' is on a different trike.

    Anyway, I am just sharing this new adventure here with you guys so you can make your own with trail blazing efforts, when it comes time to sell production model kits you'll know ;-}
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    OK, time for a long overdue trike topic update.

    I got a paid customer for another electric trike build and went ahead and dropped the hammer for the specialty parts and ordered the minimum 10 cases to have them all custom laser cut, drilled and bent for me for less than $100 box but still a lot up front.

    As mentioned Kent disconnected the Bayside trike, I had to scramble to get the last one available for $500 delivered but found a nice replacement for about the same delivered price, a Rakuten 24" Adult 6 Speed Trike.



    It has one less sprocket on the derailleur but that is good thing, it just doesn't need 7 gears and it has a little fatter drive chain. It also has a rear band brake and front V but it lacks a front shock. It makes up for that a bit with fenders for all 3 wheels, a little better seat back and a nice basket for the front as well.

    As mentioned I scored the last Kent Bayside I could find and ordered the Rakuten 6-speed adult trike too, well the Rakuten arrived yesterday already and I was really surprised!

    It arrived in 2 boxes opposed to the single gigantic box the Bayside came in.
    The rear axle is not attached to the frame so it was just a regular 2-wheel size box, and the other box had the two baskets.
    It is one extra assembly step but much easier to manage the boxes in the shop!

    On another note I got my invoice for my two new custom batteries and their chargers but the price changed...
    Note that the total in US dollars and HKD indicates total delivered price from Hong Kong....


    Darn those pesky decimal places ;-}

    Ever notice a decimal place is never misplaced the other way?
    I would have loved $36 per battery and $4.25 per charger ;-}

    Anyway I thought you'd get a laugh at that and it looks like first of the next 2 trike builds will be on the Rakuten trike and ahead of schedule.

    The other change this time is the controllers, I am going with a programmable 24-48V Kelly controller and throttle that has more functions but the same Cyclone-E-Bikes 24-48V motor.
    They even threw in the USB programming cable and upgraded one controller to 100A for free ;-}

    One trike is a customer paid build, his choice, the other will be mine as a demo.
    I am taking a huge finical cliff dive into the deep waters with this venture and will be sitting on eight expensive cases so I hope this takes off ya know?
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  8. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I made another Kent Bayside trike...

    This doesn't look much different than my first electric trike but it is.
    Besides the controller and battery charger being different, the motor is higher and back further and what happened to the motor wires?


    This one also has a new added master power keylock switch.


    The charger also sits flat on this model and the battery centered in the box thanks to the much smaller size controller.


    And how can you not appreciate the motor mount color matching paint, acorn nuts and virtually invisible wire and cabling?

    I also got to see first hand what the programmable Kelly controller does when you set it to balance torque and speed, if you try to lay on too much power the throttle limits you just enough to not pop a wheelie. I didn't have time to test in 1st gear as 3rd is the preferred start gear even with my over gearing but it does a great job of keeping the front wheel on the ground which you can hear in this short video of me trying to make it pop one.


    If you listen careful you can here the motor cut out briefly when when the Kelly controller keeps me from popping a wheelie and ya, she stops in a hurry ;-}

    That is it for the Kent trikes, they are discontinued and that trike is out door so now it is finally on to the new model with even more performance and some more design surprises.

    Did I mention I was having a blast building and riding these and have a new model trike in the stall now?
  9. KCvale

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    KC's Electric 6-Speed Shifting 24" Pigeon Adult Trike


    I don't have the front basket or wheel reflectors on yet but everything else is.
    Rear basket, CREE 1200 Lumen front light, Mirror, Fenders, and a 'ting-ting' Bell ;-}

    Here is a little closer shot of the drive train with the motor chain guard.


    I used the flash for this rear shot, the lights on the basket and fenders are reflectors, the bottom 3 are my 12V running lights tied in series with the 36V battery.


    I am not whatsoever happy with the rear fenders, I'll have to come up with something to keep them in place.

    The handlebars came out nice and easy to operate.


    The inner box is to my liking, I have everything where it needs to be and secured well.


    The silver Kelly controller has heat sink grease between the mount so the case can help dissipate heat.
    Note: Blue fuzzy slippers not included ;-}
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    where can I buy the trike how much is it ?? matt
  11. KCvale

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    The Baysides trikes were pre-sold, the Pigeon trike is $2995 and here in my shop in Phoenix, AZ.

    It would be impractical to ship it to east coast but we can talk about my box kit to bolt it on a trike you buy and get delivered to you yourself.