79cc predator build.

Hawk mattz

New Member
Oct 16, 2017
Hello, I am looking to build a 79 cc predator bike. I will be using the EZ matic transmission for the build. I think I will be using the gas bike motor mount, unless you guys/gals recommend a different mount.

Some questions I have about the 79cc hf motor is. What's the rough mpg like? Will this fit on my 26 inch micargi Huntington beach cruiser? I also still have the fear that the bbr mag wheels might be to weak for the extra power and speed.

I would like some performance parts for the build but most places don't have parts in stock. I would want to add a different carbator and a exhaust with a muffler on it. I want to be spoonfed links or information)

Thanks in advance for any help.