80cc bicicle motor

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    Hey there, I've got an 80cc bicycle motor and it's all broken in. I would like to tune the carb to the optimum level so it screams. The bike vibrates like crazy at 30 mile per hour, but when I go up to 35 or so, it runs smooth. I need to figure out how to adjust the carb so I can open up the throttle. When I open up the throttle now, it bogs down - I can open it up 3/4 of the way, but not fully.
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    sounds -oVERCARBerated.

    Mine lags when I open er up too - I find if I close the choke slightly it does MUCH better getting up to top speed - then open the choke.
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    tuning carberrator

    I'm riding this in 70-8- degree weather so I do not need to use the choke. Still trying to figure out how to adjust the carb to get maximum RPM and power.