9800lm &x cree xml t6 led headlight

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    O.K., I am going on a cycling tour (non-motorized) of the Oregon coast and wanted to have a bright strobe light if it gets foggy. So I bought the 9800LM &X CREE XML T6 LED HEADLIGHT from Ebay for $65.00. It comes with a 8.4v 6400MmAh Battery Pack. I don't know how long it will hold a charge. I'll update later this week after using the strobe setting during my 4 hour training ride.

    I took some sample shots this evening to get an idea of the amount of light this thing puts out. I am about 5 miles in the country with no street lights or homes nearby. There is no moon light. Time was about 10:30 PM. I used no flash when taking the pictures. The pictures were taken on a single lane road.

    1st shot is on low power and 2nd shot is on high power. I took a shot with the strobe, but couldn't tell the difference between the strobe shot and the high power shot. 3rd shot is a 3-way intersection, about 50 feet from the intersection.
    HPIM0887.jpg HPIM0888.jpg HPIM0893.jpg

    7LED.JPG LEDHeadlightDIM.jpg

    This light gets warm when turned on high, but doesn't burn.

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    Wow, that is bright. Bblue, does it hurt your eyes while riding? I have a 1200lumens cree light and thinking of upgrading.
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    The new generation of LED technology is hugely impressive for the price. Can't imagine how much more powerful LED technology will be in 5 years time.