A couple questions: new exhaust, loss of power, trouble at top speed

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jbburns99, Nov 14, 2013.

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    So im feeling a little more confident in my knowledge now that i've had this bike running for a few weeks. She is my daily commuter and the engine has had no big problems. Recently replaced the exhaust as my old one lost its tip and in the process of riding it like that it lost of the pieces inside of it. With the new exhaust i feel a loss in power, loss in low end torque, and it starts having a little mini seizure when it approaches top speed, which with this new pipe is around 20 (used be over 30). I understand tuning the carb to the pipe is important, so adjusting the c clip and rejetting might be the answer? Or is this pipe junk? Im still running a mixture pretty heavy in oil even though she is past break in which might have something to do with it. Just looking for diagnostics, i miss the bike i had before! Photo on 11-14-13 at 12.29 PM.jpg

  2. jbburns99

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    Also put that thing that looks like a reed valve on the exhaust to make it fit, was marketed for the exhaust port on ebay.. not sure if thats its actual purpose. might have something to do with it also
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    bad pipe design, nothing more.
    study pipe design on my site and you will understand how you wasted your money when you bought it.
    Biggest flaw is the too-short header.
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    You need to rejet the carburettor correctly to make the engine run optimally with the mini expansion chamber.

    If the law turns a blind eye in your location and you can get away with running a tuned length expansion chamber, then it would be much better to install a proper system; the Jaguar Torque Pipe being a well researched design; being an improvement on the mini pipe installed on your bike.