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    hi everyone, i figured i would share this brush with the law with u. two days ago on 5/20/2012 i was crusin in downtown westmont, il, just out sid chicago, the day of the UN summit. it was getting dusk but still lite out. i was on my way to the bank, which is about 1.75 miles from my house. but thanks to officer galbrielski bage#131 (with dip in his lip and chest out) of the westmont pd i had a little roadblock. he pulled me over and begain to hearas me. asking why i didnt have a licens plate, class L license ( which is requierd for scooters), registration, brake light, head and tail light :poop:. i proceeded to tell him that pryer to buying the motor i contacted the IL secretary of state who told my they do not register bycicles and that i didn't need the class L license to ride, but to check with each city i plan to ride in to check the city ordenances. so i called westmont pd non-emergancy and the told me i needed a regular driver license and to ride on the side of the road unless it put me in danger, to ride on the side walk, and if i was to ride at night i needed a head light and a reflector visible from 500ft. after explaining all of this he asked "are you done". he told me he didnt care what the secratary of state said and to wait as he ran my info and detained me for a half hour while he proceeded to try and find something to get me on. after the half hour of leaving me just sitting there waiting on him not telling me what was going on he said he was gana give me a writen warning for not having proper lighting. it was day time but because it was dusk i had on a head lamp so no cars would hit me. this happend the day of the UN summit. there was 12,000 police officers onduty, 43 agencys (local and federal), officers pulled from indiana and philidelphia to work the summit. they were worried about terrorist, riators, and protestors. but this officer had time and are tax dollars to waste on me and my occ stingray. later i called to find out how to make a complaint against him. a sgt. called me back made excuses for the officer told me if i ride as i bycicle i need reflectors and if i'm running the motor i need a head light and a red light on the back, never telling me how to make the complaint. i guess in chicagoland i should be happy i excaped with out a beatting.

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    Went to Chicago twice, those plicks are just short of the Geheimes Staatspolizei-Amt, commonly known as a Gestapo. Had to return to court, the Gestapo when in court apologized to me as I was walking out and said that the stop got out of hand, upon I said that every time I had a chance to pick up a Chicago paper, the first thing that I'd look at was the obituary section, and hopefully I see your two names in there. Will NEVER go to your state again.......EVER.