Adding a eZee kit to an Electra Townie

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by maptester, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Here is my version of an e-bike build.

    I started with my wife's Electra Townie 24. The bike was in fair shape mechanically, but the paint job was scratched and in need of completed re-paint. I removed all the components and was left with this:

    I took the frame and fork to a recommended local powercoater ( ). They stripped the old paint off and did a great job of painting the frame:

    I then rebuilt the bike, using a few of the original components, and upgrading a few--a new rear wheel to handle the increased weight of the battery, new BB7 disk brake for the front wheel, new Sugino XD300 cranks and chainrings, and new Shimano bottom bracket.

    The electric kit is an eZee kit from ( ) I ordered an upgraded battery ( replacing the stock 37v with a 48v 12Ah NiMH) and the CycleAnalyst. The folks at were very helpful in answering my questions and helping me to select the right kit and components. The eZee kit install was very straightforward, with no problems encountered. All of the connectors between the various parts are different, so you can't mis-connect anything.

    I added a Otivia cargo trunk ( to hold the battery and provide additional storage. Some lights from the bling department of the auto parts store were mounted on the trunk for safety, along with a MR16 3 1-watt Luxeon headlight. I mounted a main power switch (a 20 amp light switch) and switch for the lights inside the lockable trunk. Here is the finished bike:

    I have a new Pletscher Two-leg Kickstand and a new Avid Single Digit 7 Rear Linear Pull brake on order. I'll have to kluge a way to power the horn, since the 48v to 12v transformer I bought for the lights isn't strong enough for the 12v automobile horn.

    I rode it around on Saturday, to the LBS, then to my wife's work, and then by the local farmers market on the way home. It has plenty of power to pull my petite flower of a body (250 lbs and losing--thanks Weight Watchers!). It is easy to throttle the power back and coast or just use your own power. I had to assist a little on some of our steeper hills, but that is to be expected.

    It was a lot of fun to build, and is a blast to ride.

    Postscript: I gave it a full test ride on Monday by riding it to my work (11 miles one-way), then on the way home I rode by my son's school, got him (he is on his bike), when by the LBS to get a longer seatpost for the e-bike, then on home. The battery has 12 Ahr total--and I used about 9 for all my riding. It should do well for my wife, who works much closer to home than I do.

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    That's a good looking setup. The bike catches the eye, not the electronics. Cool.
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    That's one sweet ride.You have one lucky wife.:grin5:
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    Nice Job!!
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    very professional looking :)
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    That's a really professional job Maptester and you've built a great bike that will have a very high second hand value because of it's quality and workmanship. Lovely to read about your project.
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    Thanks everyone for your kind words. :2thumbsup:

    I added the new Pletscher Two-leg Kickstand and a new Avid Single Digit 7 Rear Linear Pull brake, both are welcome upgrades. I also added another MR16 LED headlight, so it now has some serious headlights for riding in traffic.:grin5: For the 12v car horn, I am using a very small SLA battery (2.3 Ahr); someone suggested just using the full 48v to power the horn--will try that in the near future.

    I took the final test ride this week before handing it off to the wife. Found out that fully charging the battery 3 weeks ago does not give you a full charge today! Actually, it was a good turn of events because it made me ride without any electric help, so I was able to make the few adjustments needed to make the human-powered drivetrain shift better. I also now know you can ride home if the battery fails, as long as you aren't in a hurry.