Adding a rear suspension

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  1. I want to add a rear suspension to a cruiser frame. Couldn't find much information on how to do it and was wondering if anybody knew of an easy way to do this or if you even think it is worth the trouble. The bicycle is going to be a long distance bike so a soft tail would be nice but I don't want my frame options limited by having to buy an all ready built one.

    I could just buy a mountain bike but from what I have learned about frame geometry, a properly made cruiser would allow me to peddle with power while sitting upright.

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    Why would you need a cruiser to pedal upright?
    All you need is handlebars that come back a lot more. I made them, but am sure you can buy what you need.
    One thing to think about, is if you intend to do anything other than a rack mount engine is chain movement with the rear sus.

    My hard tail Trek with front sus. fork, suspension seat post, and cushey seat is not as comfy as the Mongoose FS, but is not real far away.
    For street- only riding, the sus. fork, seat and spring post will be fine.

    The "V" brakes you would get on a mountain bike (or a cruiser equipped with that and sus. front fork) are the way to go too. You need to be able to STOP a whole lot more than GO.
  3. Handle bars do make a HUGE difference but there seem to be some other aspects of this subject.
    I only have a rudimentery understanding of frame geometry but here are some articles explaining

    It seems a lot of it has to do with the position of the crankset and angle of the seat tube. I plan on going to some bike shops withing the next few days with a tape measure and a goniometer to get a better understanding of the difference between angles and hardware positions on different types of frames.

    Also REI's in house bike brand, Novara, has something they call "best foot forward" peddle geometry. I think it mainly refers to the position on the crankset but I couldn't find much information on it.
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    I went to those 2 sites and they are concerned with road / race type bikes. Most of that stuff is irrevelant to a power assist bike.
    They talked about comfort vs speed and you obtain speed with your motor.
    They are also talking about very light road bikes NOT cruisers.
  5. Yeah I couldn't really find anything on cruiser geometry, just a little bit about the "peddle forward" design be Novara. I plan on peddling with mine so I just wanted to maximize the comfort and efficency of that for long distance. Might just say screw it and go with the mountain bike with long handle bars. It would be a lot easier!