almost killed twice today

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    so, on the way home i was almost killed twice... a set of lights a 4x4 pulling up behind me couldn't stop in time apparently didn't see me at all even though my bag is bright orange and i have reflective stuff on my jacket

    next set of lights i had the green, went through, a lady in a green small car decided to turn right from the opposite direction and almost hit me dead centre :O

    so anyone else have some close encounters with the grim reaper recently ?

  2. Mountainman

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    glad that you are ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes just the other day I was as we call it here -- claiming my lane
    much to my surprize some bozo guy was right next to me
    I didn't expect that -- at most of the times -- we never do
    his window was open -- shouldn't have -- but did -- say a few things to him
    he was a pretty ((large)) guy -- he flipped me the birdie
    I returned the same a couple of times
    good thing for me -- I think -- that he didn't pull over
    I hate blood in my eyes when I am riding !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
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    First time I actually tried to ride the bike I got from alesterfiend (just the other day) I was about a block from the apartment, kind of wobbly (I really shouldn't have been on that thing) trying to keep my balance when I got to the intersection, planning to turn right. It is a light controlled intersection, with a steep slope to the street coming in from the left. Light was green, I signalled my turn, was just making it when a city cop blew over the hilltop and through the light - no lights, no siren.

    I saw him, he saw me, he swerved left, I swerved into the curb - fortunately I was able to catch myself and didn't go down. He slid to a halt in mid-block nearly sideways in the road, then backed up to me, rolled down his passenger window and started screaming at me.

    I just stood there listening, when he finally wound down I asked, very politely, that if he was going to drive at 50+ in a 35 mph residential area, and was going to blow through lights, that he be so kind as to please use his lights and siren in future. He sat there, mouth agape, looking like a stranded catfish - I was tempted to laugh, but managed not to.

    2 of the veterans in the group home on that corner had been out on the front porch, smoking, and chatting with the VA house manager - they all witnessed the whole thing. The manager came over to ask me if I was okay, which I was, then he asked the city cop for his badge number. I could see where that would lead, so I asked him to drop it, told the cop I was unhurt, and was just going to go home.

    The cop kind of stuttered, then said something profane, put his car in gear and left.

    I walked the bike home. No more two-wheel adventures for me. I'll wait till I get the trike done.
  4. duivendyk

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    You need flashing lights,get your charger going !!.Last close encounter,come around steep downhill turn,find pickup truck doing U turn on backcountry road,ended up in ditch,SOB drove off.OK, except for bent front wheel
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  5. I'm convinced riding a bike, even a motored one, is twice as dangerous as motorcycling. At least with a motorcycle, you can ride with traffic easily.
  6. cooltoy

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    I'm saddened to hear that SimpleSimon. I wonder if you would have been able to avoid the cop if you had been driving a trike? Makes you wonder, eh?
    To be honest, I hate sitting at red lights and always keep an eye out for rear enders.
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    HI, all
    Scary stories!
    I ride a lot and regularly encounter problems with other vehicles.
    A lot of people are very cool but there's a significant minority who either don't see you, don't care or actually WANT to scare or hurt you!
    In the latter group, the most common thing I get is a horn BLASTED at me just as they pass (either direction). I guess they think it's funny if the bike rider is surprised and hilarious if he crashes. Some people spit at me and some throw soda cups or just the drink.
    OTOH, I had a flat once and was walking the bike home and a guy in a truck stopped and offered me a ride. Nice guy!
    Overall, bicycle riding in America is a challenge. We're mostly seen as an annoyance, if we're seen at all.
    As a result, I am super careful and vigilant and defensive. I always assume the worst and prepare for it if possible. I don't expect anyone will ever give me any rights on the road. Many times, this has saved my ***.
    This probably isn't anything new for anyone reading this but I think it's worth saying over and over.
    BTW, the story about the cop is so sad... It's hard to know what else to say about that.
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  8. cooltoy

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    I'll take it one step further and say that if the cop had hit and killed him, the cop would have blamed the bike rider "who ran a stop sign"
  9. SimpleSimon

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    You are quite correct.

    I live one block down from the intersection where that incident occured, on another light controlled intersection. My apt building is quite old, two stories tall, and the set back from the street is only 8 feet. Anyone approaching that light from the street in front, or the intersecting street beside the apt building CANNOT see up the other street until they are almost in the intersection.

    I've been here 5 years, and I"'ve seen 8 accidents at that intersection. Worst one was the cop who ean the light on the street beside the intersection, and killed a 14 year old boy on a bicycle who had a green light and was just pedalling down the street in front of the apt. No charges were preferred against the cop, even though 4 people witnessed the accident and all 4 said the boy had the green light. His parents are STILL in court with the city and the cop.

    Second worst was another cop running the same light - this time he was on the street in front of the apt, and the lady that T-boned him was on the street beside it. She had the green light, cop had neither lights nor siren on. That one I was the principal witness too, as I had been at the corner window of my living room taking pictures - I actually got one of the accident as it occured, and it clearly showed the light was in her favor. The cop was a sergeant with 12 years of patrol experience - he'll never run another patrol. He got nearly killed, with serious brain damage.

    The cops charged the lady with reckless endangerment and failure to yield, even though I told them I saw it happen and the sergeant ran the light. I DID NOT tell them I had pictures - I've enough experience with cops to know the camera/pictures would have been "lost" if they seized them. When her attorney contacted me as the principal witness, I took the camera with undeveloped pictures to his office with me, and explained what they showed. He took me to a magistrates office to surrender the camera/film in the presence of witnesses and establish an uncontrovertible chain of evidencre regarding them. Charges got dropped, city bought her a new car, paid all her medical expenses.

    Then the police depts insurance company refused to pay his disability claim because the injury was not sustained in the line of duty, but rather whilst himself breaking the law. I've been to court three times on that one as a witness.

    I know how dangerous biking is. I accept that danger in exchange for the enjoyment
  10. cooltoy

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    That was quite the story, I must have said wow out loud 20 times as I read that.
    It's funny but I had a close call today. I'm driving along and as I'm about to pass by a lady wanting to pull out of a stores driveway she and I make eye contact so I figure she sees me. To my surprise she looks at me and pulls right into my path. I had to slam my brakes on and drag both feet as she slowly drove away. It's crazy but in those few seconds my mind was already reading the headlines "guy on illegal motorized bike drives into the side of a car and was arrested". I even had time to picture my bike planted into her door with me lying on the road.
    You can never be too careful on these bikes.
  11. bluegoatwoods

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    SimpleSimon, there's something really wrong with the cops in your area. Blasting through blind intersections without even bothering to turn on their lights and sirens? It made me say "Wow", too. I wonder if these guys know about their brain-damaged colleague. You'd think that would make them show some caution.
  12. bamabikeguy

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    I dangle a papally blest Medal of St. Benedict, the Jubilee version, bigger than a half dollar. Even though they do not recommend it for use as an amulet, (too superstitious) I made sure it was on the left handle before I left, DOUBLE ZIP TIED after Ol' Benny bounced on the pavement when the clasp broke in Cumming GA. (adding that to my zip tie total).

    He's the Patron Saint of a "Happy Death".

    On the reverse side are two sets of Latin initials, both were mysteries, like the heiroglyphics, until finally one was found to be an "exorcism", which I use on bad drivers.

    The fourteen letters around the Cross, making its border are V.R.S.N.S.M.V.; S.M.Q.L.I.V.B. They come from a Leonine Poem and represent only three of its sixteen verses. The initials stand for the verses:

    Vade retro Satana;
    Nunquam suade mihi vana.
    Sunt mala quae libas;
    Ipse venana bibas!

    Only had to use it once the past three days, on a gray Buick yesterday outside Mooresville.

    Hey, every little bit helps.
  13. boogerballs

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    I've read this thread before and thought, "There but for the grace of God..." And I hoped that I wouldn't have any close calls, but no such luck.
    I consider this a "close call" since I was able to ride the bike home after it happened.
    I was riding on the right side of 25mph traffic in a strip mall infested downtown area yesterday. Since it was such a nice day I was wearing shorts for the first time while motorbicycling. Uh, I'll have to rethink that one for later. I was going about 15-18mph and this young girl driving daddy's new Accord comes past me on the left. Then she turns...
    No turn signal, no notice, and she must have slammed on her brakes to make that right hand turn into the parking lot. Right in front of me.
    I had time to slam MY brakes on for just a fraction of a second before making full-on sideways contact with her passenger door. I'm quite glad that her passnger window was closed since that kept me from joining her in her car. As it was I did sort of a "squash my whole body and bike sideways into her car then bounced off to the ground thing" Luckily she stopped pretty fast once she heard my "thump". Also luckily since my back wheel ended up still chugging away rubbing up against her rear tire patch.
    So she gets out of her car saying "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so..." Two cars that were following stopped to help as well. Another guy with a truck stopped and asked if I needed a ride.
    Didn't hit my head but I WAS wearing a helmet. I must have landed some on my left hand since it now has a minor abrasion on the palm. I looked down at my left leg and blood was coming out of about 8 separate cuts/scrapes. There was a small, marble-sized bump right on my shin. A lady offered up a few sanitary wipes (handy thing in your toolkit). I am going to switch to those pedals with the rubber blocks. I started looking at my pedals and they have all sorts of spiky things and sharp protrusions. I'm pretty sure they caused most of the cuts. They were just pedals I had on this particular pre-motor. One of the cuts came from the clutch cable end.
    I looked things over, adjusted the stem straight again, kind of rebent my front tank mount and was able to ride home a few minutes later to start healing. I'm pretty sure that at the time of this accident I wasn't riding "defensively" enough. I'm gonna change starting on my ride today...
  14. modificationvt

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    Being a cyclist for the last 3 years (even in the winter) I have had serveral close encounters of the four wheeled kind...the worst one was when I was racing home in the rain in a bike lane, and a VW beetle decided to pull up next to me, and turn right...I nailed his front right fender, and landed on the pavement on the left side of it. thankfully I was able to get up and dust myself off and continue home after explaining to the driver his mistake...
  15. fm2200

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    One thing that another guy said "he rides as though he is invisible" it's good advise but in practice it's hard to relax at all. You have to assume that you are visible, maybe not as much as we would like to believe, but somewhat normally observed. The first two weeks of riding I was cut off like boogerballs said he was, except I never made contact. After the first time of being right-turned as I rode down road, jamming my coaster brake as hard as I could and sliding sideways to avoid hitting the side of the car as he causally made his way up the side road that he right turned onto. I thought afterwards that will never let that happen again ( use a rear view mirror ) extensively I thought that should take care of that problem. Well another car riding right next to me, both of us going about 20-24mph est, all of a sudden brakes hard and swerves to the right causing me once again to lock up the rear wheel and sliding completely sideways like the first time only this time I was only a few inches from making contact with the side of his car. So now I have a new perspective when riding, I ride like that squirrel in your back yard making quick maneuvers and looking like I'm dirt racing with a pack of other racers (only a lot slower) and this seems to help.
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    Well,Try going to a gas station pumpinkg gas In my gas can for my bike and having a woman while you are pumping gas reading her mail and driving at the same time and hitting you and your ride.Then hollaring at me saying you need to move your bicycle.I said lady I am pumping Fraggin gas for christ's sake.Once she realized my bike was a m.b. she rode off rather quickly while I sat there with a sore hip,arm,and a bent rim.
  17. plinko

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    I just been In so many close calls I just say a prayer and ride.If I get hit on my m.b. or my motorcycle.I just ask God to kill me quickly rather than suffer with fround off limbs and multiple broke bones.Suffering Is worse than death.And I ride like It's my last day on this earth.Worry my poor momma to death but There Is no guarantees on life.Only on death.
  18. jeffuehrer

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    The drivers around here are fairly use to bicyclists since this is one of the top ten "bicycle friendly" cities. People are alert. My bright orange vest helps maximize my visibility. I drive defensively and respectively. I don't showboat or intimidate. Most people scoff at motored bikes as if we're jokes. I laugh. I can maneuver crashes, curbs, hills, take it on sidewalks, take it into my apartment, have the best parking, get over 100 miles to the gallon, don't need a license, don't need to register, don't need insurance, unable to be sent a ticket in the mail for running a red light (though I would never do that), and I'm sure I missed a few. Long live motored bikers! Mileage update: 2,447 since January.
  19. msiert

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    Same story people pulling out right in front of you, jerks squeezing you into the curb. I feel the single most important thing is to have an insanely bright rear and a front flasher and to wear a bright flouorescent yellow/green biking or construction vest. Wearing a Dot helmet even though it's not required is very smart. I installed a motorcycle horn to get people's attention also. The rear yellow construction flasher and horn is powered by a 12v lithium battery and I run a not as bright Planet Bike red flasher on the front fork.

    I only ride residential streets and pick the safest intersections to cross the busy ones. I hang back from the intersections and let the light change and the cars to get going then I follow. I wave drivers around me all the time too. The worst time to ride is at sunset or sun rise try to advoid those times if you can.

    I had a wipe out a couple of weeks ago that was all my fault though. I made the dumb move to shine up my tires including the treads of the tires. When I made my first turn out of my drive on to a busy street and the bike just slide out from under me. The scabs are finaly starting to fall off and I was wearing long pants and long sleeve sweet shirt. I hate to think what it be like to wipe out just wearing shorts, sandels and a tee shirt.

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    Bicyclists are among the worst treated people in American society. They WILL mow you over. It's a little better with a motor - Americans LIKE MOTORS - but if you are judged to be holding up the pace of an American driver, then you are and impediment.

    I hate American Car Culture.