Aloha from Hawaii (newbie here)

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  1. BlueStorm

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    Hello everyone.
    I am new to motor bikes. I just ordered two engine kits and I am reading as much as I can here before my motors arrive.
    Biking here in Hawaii can be quite a tiring task as there are tons of big rolling hills. I've averaged about 12 miles a day but some of the hills nearly kill me. :sweatdrop:
    So I'm REALLY looking forward to some motor assistance while tackling these hills.
    I am more of a lurker on webforums and would rather read for hours quietly, but in this rare case I'm sure I'll be asking some questions later and requesting help.

    Mahalo (thanks) for reading,
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  2. juliman

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    hey! welcome, keep an eye out for 5-7 heaven and a few others , im pretty sure they are from the same area, keep posting and readiun
  3. 5-7HEAVEN

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    'Sup, BlueStorm!

    Howziit and welcome!

    Where are you located? My good friend Hawaii Ed runs a China motor with shift kit.

    We're in Honolulu. If you see a motorized bike keeping up with traffic, that's either him or me.:jester:
  4. BlueStorm

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  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Hey BlueStorm, I have family in Keeau, the Rosses and the Watsons. My nephew Kaulana W. is your age. His siblings are Maoliola W. and Chelan R.

    My friend Rick and I rode our 5hp 460-powered bikes thru Ala Moana Park, Waikiki and Diamond Head and on to Sandy Beach. Great 20-mile ride, even though my bike threw its chain 6 times, broke its clutch and Rick's throttle lever failed.
  6. blackiedavis

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    hey ! howz it ? there's a bunch of us over here on da Kona side, These things ROCK! It took me a while.. 2 get it work'n ono thou,so b warned, this site is great ! help'd me TONS ! get a Mirror ! cant hear em behind u ! ALOHA !
  7. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You guys have a LOT of road to ride on. I live in the city in Honolulu. LOTS of city traffic, It can be hazardous in certain districts, but speed limits are low in my area.
    In my situation, I NEED power and acceleration to keep distance between the flow of traffic. My setup works VERY well for me. Your China motor kit would not work well for me, unless it had a shift kit,
  8. Hawaii_Ed

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    Welcome! Love the weather here, always good for riding!