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    G'day all. Chris here, thought I might say hello. New to all this, only bought the 66cc 2 stroke engine Kit 4 days ago, now it is all installed ( thanks YouTube videos! ) and I am having a blast. Thanks to this site for some vaulable info for setting up my bike, I have 8 cuts on my hands but it's worth it ! Went to the shopd last night for the first time, max speed was 47 km/h, averaged 27.4 over the 10 mins riding time, was great fun and cheap lol ! Loved the strange looks I got from passers by ! Upgraded this morning to an NGK B6HS Spark Plug and a nice comfy saddle, up for more mods as I get used to it, interested to hear from anyone else on here, especially if anyone's from Melbourne / Aus ?

    Thanks for the forum, good work and chat soon, Chris.

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    Hi Chris, i am from Melboune
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    Chris, please be aware that the law has changed in Victoria regarding the police having to prove that the engine makes more than 200 watts.
    Police no longer have to prove anything to the court. The onus is now on the owner to prove to the police that the engine is "no more" than 200 watts.

    Be very, very careful riding on the road, because the police can hit you up for a bunch of fines/tickets if your bike has "any" kind of engine, and that includes a non-functional engine, which includes things like a plastic K-mart toy engine. The police can now use his/her subjective judgement and make a personal decision that your bike has excessive power over the 200 watts specification, simply on his/her "belief", that your engine is an over powered.

    Keep your speed down to around 25 km/h and make sure that you're pedaling at any time the bicycle is moving.
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    Sounds like we gotta tinkerer! Your gonna have a blast with that kit! There alot of fun to ride around town! welcome to the world of motorized biking! My good buddy fabian would explain it to you like this! Im surprised he didn't

    and I quote

    "As i say to everyone who wants to get into the game: This ain't a sport for people with a weak spirit, for it shall break your spirit and determination down into it's slimey component parts as it tries to grind you into the ground with soul destroying manner, requiring all of your inner strength to claw your way out of the bacterial scum pool that's swallowed your being, forcing you to rebuild your strength of character, with sheer grit and fiery determination; the determination to make it a stunning success; to triumph over adversity and be master of the domain."

    Fabian that's pretty poetic! sounds like ya been through it buddy!
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    I've definitely been through it Bchcruizer. Thankfully my bike is now many times more reliable than any of my ex-girlfriends have ever been. Every time i ride my motorized bicycle, i'm always enjoying the experience and it never whinges and b itches to me that i'm pushing too hard.