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    I have been reading this forum for about a year now, shucks, I thought I should join. Been bicycling most of my life, but age is catching up to me. Some of the hills around here are horrendous, and I live up hill. Going down is easy. Coming up is another story.
    I purchased a Staton friction drive with a 1" roller with the Honda GX-35 engine and it has been a hoot. Bought it last Dec., as I recall. Excellent product, dependable and little maintenance. Have to pedal up hill a little, but nothing major.
    Hit a wet spot today and that really sucked.
    Got a old Giant steel framed bike in the garage that is in great shape. Think I might put an engine on that, but want to mount some Wald baskets on it to carry groceries and things.
    I am a little scared of 2 strokes, too many chainsaws, weedeaters and the like. Not into working on that stuff any longer. Shucks, when I was young my first motorcycle was a Yamaha 200 twin with upswept pipes.
    Send some pics as soon as I figure this stuff out. Cheers!

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    Nothing to fear from 2 strokes. They are simple to operate and maintain.
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    Actually, I am thinking about another kit. Have an old steel framed Giant that I picked up for a few buck ($5). Pretty good shape, just had to put some WD 40 in the shifters and everything is now great.
    What I want to do now, is have a rear chain drive, just so I can put some Wald baskets on the back, so I can carry groceries and what nots on. In the past (long ago) I have had Bultaco Sherpas, Pursangs, Yamaha 200' twins, 125 enduros, etc. Scared myself to death on a Kawasaki 500 triple. Get it above 80 and it seemed to have a hinge in the middle.
    I am no kid anymore, so reading all the problems that others are having with the 2 strokes kind of scares me away. Seems like most of the problems have to do with the CDI unit and not knowing how to adjust the carb. Was thinking of a 4 stroke, but I really don't like the idea of the wide pedal nonsense. If you have to pedal to help is there a lot of drag? I don't mind pedal assist as I ride a bike for my health and can't negotiate the tall hills around here. The little GX-35 is fine, I have to help it, but no problem.
    Also, it appears that the chain tensioners are a big problem, not just with 2 strokes, but 4 strokes also. I will have to address that. I have dropped a chain or two on a motorcycle but it never ended up wadded in the rear wheel.
    I bought the Staton kit and I am very pleased with it. I am considering a 2 stroke now, but it seems like an upgraded cdi and chain tensioner is needed.
    I am getting old and don't need to fall and go bang.