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  1. Itried

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    Hi all,

    First, thanks for everything on this forum. I've consulted it many times already in my attempt to research (on behalf of my boyfriend, who apparently would be content to just buy a motorized bike and assume all is well).

    I am a road bike commuter, and am tired of having to take the car when my boyfriend is in town and we are heading out for the evening. Of course, being a car (well really van) enthusiast, he wants a motorized bike. I tried to talk him out of it (he'll be charging ahead of me!!) to no avail. So, if I want to skip the car, we both have a lot to learn about motorized biking... I'm not trying to help him purchase something he will end up hurting himself (or worse) with.

    I've found a bike for sale that, to me as a total greenhorn think looks like it was done right- 4 stroke engine, upgraded brakes, sturdy cruiser frame.

    Your opinions and advice would be much appreciated. And don't worry, he will be reading and researching too- as a teacher I have some extra free time right now so am helping him get started.

    Here is the listing description, pics below:

    For sale is a new 4 stroke engine kit on a used Huffy Beach Cruiser. The bike is a 7 speed with upgraded hand brakes. I also installed a bike computer to keep track of speed and distance. Over all the bike is in excellent condition. The engine is a NEW kit, a 49cc 4 stroke which means no mixing gas. Just fill and go. The kit supplier claims 100 plus MPG. I am not sure, I have just kept the tank topped off between rides. My bike build has around 135 miles on it and is running Great. It is a blast to ride and turns heads every where I take it. I really enjoyed building it and am ready to build another in the near future.



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  2. Itried

    Itried New Member

    Couple extra details:

    Will likely become a commuter bike for a very short (maybe 2 mile) work commute, plus I'm sure he will take it elsewhere- he lives in the country, so will be facing some hills. Plus going out with me when he is here in the city, but it's flat around here. Pretty crappy roads though.

    Also, he is 5'9" and very thin (I'm working on it...)
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    How come you don't say the price?
  4. Itried

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    Duh. Thanks. $475 asking price
  5. crassius

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    none of these are factory built, so all depend on each individual's building skills

    just looking at it, I'd say if the brakes work & engine runs, you can't go far wrong at that price

    that said, there may still be an issue of how well the rider is able to maintain it thru the periodic adjustments it will need
  6. Itried

    Itried New Member

    Great, thanks! And adjustments as in... Keeping an eye on and tightening hardware? And?.. I'll search for some routine maintenance threads, I'm sure there are some.

    He likes projects, but can get behind and sometimes frustrated with them..
    although this is much newer and fresher than what he is normally tinkering with.

    Think we'll schedule a test drive..
  7. Saddletramp

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    The Bike is well done, whoever built it knows what their doing. I don't touch the price thing as I sell them also.
  8. Itried

    Itried New Member

    Understandable. Thank you for the input!
  9. KCvale

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    Besides being a Huffy bike with a 7G transfer case attached to the engine it may work for your lovers minimal use as long as required but kind of doubtful...

    The guy is selling it for his parts cost.
    You don't do that if it's good.
    Call it an 'educated guess' from someone familiar with such things.

    2 things to check before you pay:

    Hold the seat with one hand from the side, and try to move the back wheel back and forth (side to side).
    $100 Huffy bikes are known for their lousy back hubs.
    If the wheel has side to side wobble walk away unless you want to throw more money at it, like $100 or more.

    The 7G 'Phantom' transfer case is a bit of sad case...
    They cut every corner there was to make it last for a few weeks not a few years.
    That's OK if you don't need it that long but here is how you check if it's already toast.

    Start the engine and it should idle in place.
    LISTEN to the left side when you give it throttle.
    If it makes any odd grinding noises, don't want to sit still ideling, or start slipping riding either the 'barss bushing' on the engine shaft is toast, or the cheap bearing for the 100T pulley is already shot.

    Hope that helps.