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  1. biketec

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    Here is what I would like to say is a final version of how I'm going to do my bike I posted some of a rack but I did not like it for personal reasons so I was going to put a kit on my ol JC higgens but the frame would not allow me to.

    SO... I went and picked up a cheap bike from Target ( Schwinn Jaguar 149.99 ) and mounted it on there I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.
    The weather today was really bad so I could not ride it all tho I did make a few laps around the warehouse and seems to be good to go.

    Again the minor things like lights, kill switch, other grip bla bla bla but all in all pretty nice ride, Champion at the bit to ride!!!!!!!

    I would have liked to put the deluxe poopoo on there but it did not fit and no time to weld and fab right now maybe in the future!!!

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A really nice bike.
  3. wheelbender6

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    That's a good lookin' thumper.
  4. the willi

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    nice ride! & how does it ride! very cool build
  5. Irish John

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    Very nice bike Biketec. I can't figure out why the poopoo pipe won't fit except that the forward angle of the engine tray will throw the muffler section higher up at the back. If you changed the tray angle I reckon it would fit nicely along the rear chainstay. I find fixing the muffler with 2 s'steel hose clips works a treat & looks good (see pic). That's the pipe you sent me!
    Is that the new G4 gearbox? I've oredered some myself and I reckon if it's got more pulling power it will make the HS engine as good as the Honda was with the old Mark2 GB. We can't buy those Jaguars here unfortunately but I can now buy Schwinns wholesale which helps cut costs. That bike of yours is well camouflaged for riding in the snow! what about your trouser legs in the pulley wheel? Any problems there?

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  6. love the belt tranny! Nice build!
  7. h0tr0d

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    What motor and tranny setup is that? The belt drive pulley looks killer.
  8. fm2200

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    That metal shield on the head that can't be beneficial for cooling. I can't understand why they would put that there, unless it's a heat shield for the drive system. I would then pull the sheild away from the fins and give the engine more air. Very nice looking bike though, good luck with it.
  9. Irish John

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    If you knew about the motor you'd know that the shield is what directs the fan-forced air around the cylinder fins. If you remove it the engine will get too hot when standing still or going slowly. Honda included the shield for a good reason - HuaSheng included it because they copied everything that Honda did except deep in the engine's innards where they know people don't look. The Honda company bosses recently told me what the differences were and I was shocked to hear them. There is a BIG difference between the Honda and the HS and longevity is one of those.
  10. Seems that's a Comet Torq-A-Verter back plate. I've seen the pullies in my wanderings. It's the clutch (or lack there of?) that I'm curios about.
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  11. DetonatorTuning

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    it's the latest iteration from Grubee, just go to the grubee info page and read all about it.

    you can have it as centrif. or engager configuration. it's 5:1 reduction and has a pretty cool eccentric belt tensioner.

  12. it looks so much nicer w/ the cover off!
  13. Irish John

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    Rush to market blinds people to practicalities.

    In the rush to get the new G4 to market there seems to have been one great problem. The G4 gearbox is quite evidently so big that the 1 piece crank cannot clear the rear pulley wheel. This gearbox is very wide indeed and it also is designed to hang down very low. In the Grubee pics it has that dreadful really wide 3 piece crank about which most people know. That crank will work with it but the 1 piece won't. Take a close look at the pics on the website. So we will have to endure the 3 piece crank (which incidentally was supposed to come with the Aus$60 adaptor supplied look at the pics on the website but I ain't never seen that adaptor with a 3 piece) and we will have to ride bandy-legged looking almost as stupid as the turkey who put this kit together. Whatever the reasons it is an almighty stuff-up worthy of the 2009 JL Hoot Perpetual Trophy for incompetence.
    In his rush to get to the marketplace Don has really stuffed up big time - either that or it is a case of downright dishonesty selling a kit that is unbuildable.
    Either way it just shows that these turkeys don't build them in China before they start selling them to unsuspecting suckers.
    The problem began at the drawing board and has been compounded ever since.
    Another disaster inflicted on the consumer because the makers don't read these pages.
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  14. mmachine

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    Looking at the engine at the web site notice it's the same short, tapered
    crank shaft and extended faceplate on the motor that BGF is using with his
    latest pocket bike drive.

    My conversion here

    I like the belt setup but it looks a little wide.
  15. hurricane billy

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    really nice bike. cant wait too know how she rides
  16. graucho

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    VERY nice set up. You dont see a ton of white bikes around here. Im really liking the white. Looks GREAT!
  17. Happy Valley

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    I notice the small pulley on the crank shaft looks to have what seems minimal engagement with the toothed belt, just a few teeth. Any concern for wear or slippage with that?
  18. biketec

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    Hey thanx guys for all the complements, now that you mention it you don't see to many white bikes around. Its really nice for a buck fifty pearl white charcoal gray with black pin striping front and back breaks freewheel with gears in back! Not bad in my opinion.

    As for the front pulley its a 20T and has about 8-9T in place at all times, so far I don't think there's a slipping problem with the belt but I do feel a bit from the clutch, I'm hoping that it will go away with a few miles under her belt.
  19. biketec

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    O yea one other thing LOL I was riding it with out the cover because it was fun looking and yes if you have hair on your legs it will bite! But none the less it looks cool? but I have since put it on. I was thinking since these are fiberglass I could cut the rear part out and expose the pulley a bit or Plexiglas ??
  20. Irish John

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    Glad you got it working Biketec. I sounds like it really has potential but I reckon a 44tooth is the sprocket for it. The importer here, George, managed to get one built himself yesterday using the one piece crank. He mounted the engine tray as high as it would go on the Grubee GT1 cruiser using nuts on the end of the tray bolts because they need that and it was pretty well fully extended.
    I'm waiting for pics and will post them when I get them later today.
    A perspex cover is a great idea Biketec. I've ordered one myself to try out and I'll shave my left leg like you suggest. I don't think a Jaguar would let you mount the tray as high as on a GT1 bike. The G4s in Australia are the ones without engager.