So close yet so far

Evertime I make some decent progress it seems like something else in life pops up I'm getting close I got the chainline all set, the jackshaft needs to be replaced as I got one of those cheap 45 dollar ones from eBay and the I'd on the bearings was 14mm so I ground down the shafts just to install it to get my chainlines set. Has anyone else had problems with those cheap jackshaft kits I. Amazon and eBay or did I just get unlucky? They all look the same. The brackets and everything else was decent for 5he price just wrong size bearings which will be replaced and a new shaft. Anyway got everything from the tank back figured out. I found a decent mtn bike front suspension fork in good shape so I can put 203mm discs up front. Once I get it all put together and ride it a bit the plan is to take it all back apart for painting 😔. I hope you guys like my diy wide pedal setup, I honestly don't plan on doing much pedaling in it.


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It's definitely a learning experience for my first attempt at making one of's fun to have the project I started with no idea what I even wanted. And the cvt for sure .