Anita pics

These are some pics of my bike :)

I've put in a picture detailing the drum brake fixing on the fork.

comments welcome.

Jemma xx


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Nice! I like how you integrated the roller brake on the springer fork.

Tell us how you like the GEBE set-up. Was it difficult to dial in? Can you just gas if from a stop or do you have to pedal to get it to take off? What's the top speed? Does the canned exhaust quiet it down or does it act like a megaphone?

The GEBE system is pretty good - the only thing that I have found is that with the trim panel mounted on the mount there are some amounts of vibration and noise.

As far as power is concerned its fine - and its getting faster although there is some pinging from the outside side of the engine occasionally (away from the fan, excess heat?). The top speed now is enough to keep up with traffic in 30mph limits and given the van drivers round here I am at least looking at 25-30 mph cruise and maybe a little more flat out. A four mile trip round and back to town with me riding in town (about 1/3 the total journey) gives me an average of 20 or so miles an hour (in rush hour)

The muffler seems to do its job and does serve to lower the note of the engine and it also makes it quieter.

The machine has to be pedaled to move away - as doing otherwise would most likely fry the clutch in short order and is unlikely to work anyways as the engine doesnt have the torque to do that. I usually ride up to a reasonable speed (ie to a stage where I would be at a stable pedalling cadence) and then run the engine up..

incidentally - as the clutch is a friction type that connects at 2000rpm would it be possible to fit some sort of motor to the rear wheel as an electric starter (ie starting from cold on a stand..). I just dont know if spinning the wheel side would engage the clutch to the engine side and spin it up...

Jemma xx
she looks like a real nice ride, jemma. i love the new front-end...thanks for the pics :cool:
How well does that turn signal/brake light work?

The brake is fine - it seems to work ok... the problem is the selector for the indicator lights - its a flat switch that doesnt like centering so you have to fiddle... not the best idea.. I'll get round to doing something about it..

Jemma xx