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    found out about the motor bikes from another forum and after looking at vids on youtube and the kits on ebay I decided to get one lol.

    I basically have a $50 walmart bike that I think I rode for about 10 miles and then got irritated at cause the seat hurts.

    anyway, I got the 80cc kit off ebay for $150 (even though I've read they are actually like 67cc or something?) as well as the pyramid speedometer from the niagara manufacturer for like $18 shipped.

    I was reading you can get a tach for these as well?? I havent been having any luck finding one though?? oh yeah, everything comes in on friday so I'm gonna have me some fun putting it together haha.

    after I get used to it I will probably come back and get the jackshaft kit so I can have a transmission on the thing just to make myself feel cool haha.

    here's my question. when you guys ride these things do you ride on the sidewalk for the most part or on the road?? I've always just rode bikes in my neighborhood but I'm gonna want to ride this to the gym and grocery store as well (might as well make practical use of it). I just dont want the law to be getting on me but I dont wanna get run over either...

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    cool, is there any tachs that arent digital?? the speedo I got is an analog type so I'd prefer to have something that looks similar if possible?