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    I am hoping to build a bike soon. First I need to get familiar with a 4 mi a day ride I will be taking from a train station to my office. So I will start with a regular bike. Part of the ride mixes me with traffic going past a freeway entrance/exit ramp. Scary, but I will use my fear to my advantage. Soon, the ice on the roads may prevent me from riding, but I have plans to build up a few ice tires that will help me arrive without biffing along the way. I would like to start with a simple hub motor (24v), but there are so many to choose from in the online classifieds. Eventually, I plan on a trike with a few thou watt motor and 72 volts. I plan on reviewing my plans with the local P.D. However, I may be told my trike is a motorcycle. Hmm. I will be taking it all slowly.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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    I expect to learn a lot

    I will be learning a lot as I make choices and modifications to the equipment. At first I thought I would just purchase a solution. However, the costs are over $5000 for what I want. I think it's best if I think small, consider homemade, and take my time learning about electronic equipment. I am not going with a gas motor because I will be parking my bike in a UTA locker overnight. A gas motor is not allowed, and I cannot carry a detachable gas motor on the train. I can however carry a battery pack on the train. For now, I just have a bike. When the ice sets in over the next two months, I hope to graduate to a trike.