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    gday everyone, im tim and im from adelaide in south australia

    my parents gave me their old skool caravan for free so im doing it up ready to go round australia next year. the plan with the trip is to be pretty much self sufficient apart from fuel so ive got generators, solar panels, inverters, heat exchangers etc. part of my plan is to have a couple of motorised bikes to gt around the little towns on once i pull up

    i just bought an old cruiser style bike with a 50cc engine and im looking to do a few mods like get some disc brakes on there

    also, the throttle cable came out of the carby the first day after i got it so im on here to sort that out first

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    Welcome..another Aussie

    Welcome Timrady..ENO (East coast Oz.) This is a great site for getting your build done..Heaps of info and advice from some old hands..Check out "Aussie Rol Call" thread to see how many Bronzers are around and who might be near you so you can connect...Use SEARCH for everything you need..Get some pics of your ride..Use "Easy Thumbnails" freeware to reduce them to 600/600 so the attachment accepts...See ya ENO