anybody from southern New England up for a get togther?

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  1. I was thinking that it might be a fun time to have a ride in the pioneer valley in Ma. I am from Florence, and I get mobbed with questions about the bike every day on my way through Easthampton and Northampton to get to work so my thought is do a ride central to Northampton and see if we can raise some more interest in the bikes. We can do a ride maybe setup a BBQ type thing at Nanatuk park in Easthampton or at Look Park in Northampton, heck even get some Pylons and set up a small road course and do some best lap racing?

    if there is anyone interested in this let me know

  2. KilroyCD

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    Too bad I'm a little too far south of you. I'm in south central PA.
  3. Jakylpops

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    Get enough people interested and I'd consider it, I'm in Peterborough NH which is only about 65 miles away from Northampton.
  4. ozzyu812

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    Love too! PM me with a date.
  5. when is good for you? I haven't thought of a date yet so I am up for sugestions
  6. ozzyu812

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    I'm thinking possibly Labor day weekend? Give it some time for more interest. I think there is about a dozen active members from NH alone. Only a couple of names are coming to mind at the moment, hot long day at work. I'll look though my subscribed this weekend.
  7. labor day weekend sounds great, I wil hit you with a PM and we can get some planning done