Anybody use a Hub Generator

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Skyliner70cc, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I have a Sturmey-Archer dyno hub on the front of my old BSA three speed, that has given good service for thirty-plus years. I can't say that it gives good light, (not like modern rechargeable lights,) but it has the advantage of always being on the bike and always working. It has never burned a bulb out. Though I did change the bulb once when I switched to a different head light.
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    Dunno about "other accessories" but they certanly produce enough power to run a 6V headlight & tail light combination,preferably focused LED's.
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    I tought about making my own. If you turn a small DC motor fast enough, it will produce current. How much???
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    On a Nov. trip to the bike shop I saw 2 Trek Cruisers ($450-500) with generators in the front hub.

    The idea is it operates the automatic shifter....but I could have swore I saw the end of a white wire coming out the bottom of the front hub, which means there MUST be a use for excess current.

    Searching, I found a review here:

    The reviews in the comment section are about 50/50, but the comment most intriguing is #6

    The review has a link to the actual Trek site here:

    EDIT: This link doesn't work, but leaving it up for search clues

    another commenter put up a NuVinci blog report, (may or not be useful) so I'm sticking it here:
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    Okay, here's the link, but it must be one of those "movie" type websites, like that sorry Sun website, that takes a dialupper 10 mins. to load:

    Thats why the above link didn't work, I guess. Somebody with better connections and more patience could check it out for info:
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    wiki search on "hub dynamo", the Trek must be this Shimano DH3N70/71 setup:
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    A small hub motor (used on E Bikes) works better as a generator, with a LOT more watts - a 200W motor at motored bike speeds can provide a good 75-100W.
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    A nice small generator hooked up to the SBP jackshaft would be awesome with someone kind of clutch engagement to reduce drag when not needed.
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    I was tooling around on the candlepower forums to find out some ideas of how to use my 12v 6w bottle dynamo to recharge and extend the running time of my bicycles electrical system. Heres what I found:

    A great site about LED bicycle lighting in both battery and dynamo forms, unfortunately not both mated together which is my goal.

    And the candlepower bicycle forum that I found the link at.

    This stuff deals with both bottle and hub dynamos!