At it again with L.A. City Council.

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    The aim here is for the municipality to approve usage of all Bike Paths including Class 1 and also Bike Lanes by regulating them with a maximum posted speed limit. The law would permit usage of both Pedal, EBikes and GBikes regardless of top motor speed and size. All bicycle traffic would be regulated by a posted maximum speed limit thus making everything else irrelevant. Also a consideration for Moped usage was mentioned by the council member too. That person had visited Sweden and sits on the L.A. Transportation Board and seemed very positive. I provided them my revised copy of proposal so it may gain steam. I'll post here as it happens with a state senator interested in using Los Angeles and surrounding areas for a test run. A sort of ebike/gbike sanctuary city so to speak.

    My understanding is that local municipalities can alter the recent state bill to fit the municipality needs. They are looking seriously at this, stay tuned, hope it takes off.
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    Am still working with several city council members as well as a state senators office to see if we can get the bike paths lanes open to all EBikes, GBikes and Mopeds regardless of motor size or HP on them. Seems they are interested as well as LADOT which this means you have a 10,000 watt ebike or an 80cc GBike in L.A. City Limits you would be able to ride all bike paths or lanes under a posted maximum speed limit. My proposals have caught on and it seems so far positive. Just wanted to update this, slow but getting their guys. The idea is to make Los Angeles a Sanctuary City for Motored Bicycles including Mopeds. It costs about a million bucks per quarter mile for a simple resurface from a source on this. They are starting to get wise to motored bikes as a person commuting on one removes a vehicle from the road, saves road repairs and relieves traffic congestion. Anyhow, I'll update this as it goes along.
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