Aussie looking at putting a SBP Shift Kit on a Zbox 66cc Motor

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by walker88, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. walker88

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    Hi Guys,

    I've just joined this forum and am looking at putting a SBP Shift Kit on my Scott Aspect 50 Hardtail. I already have had the 66cc Zbox motor on for probably 18months now and would have done atleast 10000k's with minimal problems.

    It has had a loss of power just recently and i think it might need some work. Not exactly sure just yet. Anyone with any ideas, I'd be happy to here them. I'm thinking it could be the piston/rings...

    And i figured while im pulling it all apart i might put on the SBP Shift Kit. Does anyone in Australia sell them for SBP.

    If not maybe i could look at doing something along those lines.... I'm sure they would be popular if word got around a little more in aus....

    Anyways ill leave it at that and take some photos shortly to post on here of my ride...

    Im on the gold coast if any aussies were wondering...


  2. Dave C

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    Hi and I'm suprized you haven't been greeted up til now. There are many Aussies here...Must be off hoisting a Foster's...;)
  3. schulze 123

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    G'Day Mate,
    Thought I'd use the traditional Aussie greeting and welcome to the group. As far as I know, there are no retailers here in Australia that sell the SBP shift kit and as to your sudden loss of power there could be a number of causes. Loss of compression (broken ring, blown head gasket, damaged cylinder bore etc.) or leaking crank seals just to name a few. When you pull the motor down all will be revealled I'm sure.

    Cheers BJ
  4. Pablo

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    Welcome! Welcome!!

    We don't have authorized distributors in Australia, however we ship many, many Shifter Kits down under. The shipping is $44 per kit.
  5. Didz

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    Hey there and welcome, must suck when its raining all the time here in the tropical season unless you ride in it.
  6. walker88

    walker88 New Member

    Thanks mate,
    I have pulled it apart and it appears to be a little worn on the sleeve. An area of about a square inch it has warn through the chrome coating. Do you think this would be the problem? And if i were to get a replacement cylinder/sleeve is there a HD type....
  7. schulze 123

    schulze 123 Member

    Hi Josh,
    Yep, that will do it! From what I have read about these China Girl motors this does happen but if you want a high class product you have to spend alot more money. No one advertises a "HD' barrel but the parts that I have purchased from Rock Solid Engines appear to be of resonable quality and they have just opened up for business in Queensland.

    Cheers BJ