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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by havemurci, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Hey guys,

    As some of you may remember I built a 49cc happytime MB back in June and rode it happily for 239.44 miles (speedo haha) until the piston locked due to a lean mixture.

    I just bought a new kit because these bikes are so much fun! The new one is a little different, though: it's Gen II which means it's supposed to have an integrated carb, steel sleeve and a few other upgrades.

    On my last bike I sort of tried to break it in, keeping it under 25 for the first 50 miles i guess...haha ok well i'm not the most patient and most of the bike's milage was spent full throttle. In addition to the wear it undoubtably caused the engine, the vibration caused many of the nuts and bolts to fall off. Man, I rode that thing into the ground, come to think of it. When an exhaust nut fell off I just took the other one off too because I gained so much power! Then a nut on the carb fell off causing the mixture to go even leaner, and boy did that thing fly. Anyway I think that's what killed it.

    How much will the steel piston sleeve help me on this new build? I'd assume I still have to break the engine in to seat the piston rings...arrgh. I bought loctite to help keep the bike in one piece, hopefully. And I guess I'll ride with the exhaust in place, even though the performance without it was simply 44T sprocket and 49cc engine took me to 30 miles an hour in probably 1/10 mile but it felt like nothing.

    Is there anything I can do to make my bike last longer while still riding the, er, life out of it? Call me a speed demon but I don't like riding at anything under flat out. It's hard enough braking it in as it is...

    Until I run into a problem,