Bad Bob

This bike was named after the ultimate Party till u die old school friend of mine that helped during the "what if" stage.

San Clemente BOB

Best Gear.jpg

ZBob left.jpg

Frame: Stretched Cruiser Modified
Engine: 43 cc Mitsubishi
Transmission/Gear Box: Staton-Inc
Jack Shaft: Home Brew
Rear End: 7 speed Nexus Internal Hub
Brakes: Shimano Hydraulic Disks
Wheels: Centerline Aluminum Alloys
Top Speed: 42 mph flat no headwind 7th gear
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Zomby Builder

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Still No replies... C'mon guys. I'm not fishin for compliments! I want to do this better..... I Really value some constructive critics here. This is a hobby for me. I have never sold a bike that I built. Yeah it is an expensive habit, but WHAT isn't.

Jim H

I couldn't do any better than that except maybe fenders and a remote beer keg fuel tank behind the seat. Oh, and make that rear fender bobbed.

Zomby Builder


There are some detailed pics of this drive set up on another bike that is in progress. Go to Wild in the streets check out Zomby Zack. It has the same exact thing on a different frame.

Fenders hummmm. I thought about them, can't decide on chrome, black or red. Definate bobber though.


Honestly, It looks great! Phenominal bike!

Although....If it where my bike and I had money burnin' a hole in my pocket, which I don't by the way. :-/ I would change the handlebars to a mid size ape hanger, maybe a longer triple tree fork. An all black seat, I really like the one that came with the bike I aquired from Motokruiser, it is a nirve seat with some kind of tribal look etched in the seat. Seeing as though you like red, maybe some red and black leather type grips. Maybe those stubby type fenders. Headlight, Taillight, etc............If you need help spending money, let me know. If you need a son to absorb some of that money burnin' a hole in your pocket...let me know as well. ;)

Zomby Builder


Sorry no don't need any kids. They are all in my garage. Thanks for your concern though. I can't say that I have ever needed that sort of help burnin through dough but I'll keep you in mind. Good ideas too. Like the grips.

Earth Mechanic

did you weld on another bb or create a metal sandwich with bearings to hold the jackshaft> sweet ride>