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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cspaur13, Dec 13, 2008.

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    i just got my 2 stroke 80cc engine last week and ive only rode it for like an hour but everytime i hit about 27-30mph everything on the bike shakes offf. like the gas tank slides and the washers and nuts come off the motermount and the chain gaurd bracket fall off and its ****ing me off. whats a way to make the engine vibrate less. ive got a boost bottle but i havent installed it yet. will it help.

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    Welcome to what it's all about!! :devilish:

    seriously....don't push a NEW engine quite so hard..... It will get better after you run a few tanks of fuel through it.

    in the meantime....carry a few tools with ya.

    good luck
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    yeah, i just got a new 66 (ur 80cc is actually 66cc)

    and its vibrating like crazy.

    just got to tighten everything up every couple of days, use locktight, spring washers etc.

    I am yet to have anything come off.

    That said, im trying to be nice to the engine for the break in period. The few times when i have really let it go (and **** you feel it coming from a 49cc originally) i have backed off very rapidly.

    my first engine i thrashed the **** out of, it hasnt died, but it aint healthy, so with this second one, gonna take my time and be gentle with it :D

    Already run ~4-5 litres through it and still doin 16-1 and being nice, think i give it another couple of litres before i up it to 20-1
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    Ceaspar13, what you should have done in the first place is to use liquid blue loctite on every single nut and bolt you see, now spend some time and take off a bolt or nut and loctite it and tighten down firmly one at a time.but not too tight as these bolts will strip.
    The vibration is normal ,it will get better soon.
    P.S dont loctite the head bolts, get or borrow a good torque wrench and tighten those down to about 9-10ft lbs and check it again after a couple of weeks of riding.
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    thanks. i've been checking to make sure there tight everytime and im trying not to ride it into the ground. im keeping it under 20 mph for the breakin period. so far i havent lost anything else.