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    i have repacked my ball bearings race twice already but after 80 - 100 miles , the 53 bearings spill out again. the woodruff key on the clutch gear has also been replaced. this time i will replace the balls thinking that some of them have been worn down slightly enough that any sudden jerk of the clutch assembly would make them spill out.
    i put in 100 miles commuting a week and the motor still runs perfectly. if the clutch remains unreliable, i will consider buying a new complete kit since they are less than $120. i have the older style round pads and they are almost impossible to find replacements for.
    this is such a poor design and any ideas or modifications would be greatly appreciated. has anyone who had repacked their ball bearings race have long term success with them not spilling out again?
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    i took a digital caliper to each of the 53 balls, about 6 of them were slightly smaller than the rest. average size of balls were 2.98 - 3.00 mm. the smaller ones were 2.94 - 2.95 mm. went to the local bike shop and they suggested i move up to a slightly larger 3.16 mm diameter balls. it looks like the race will accept balls up to 3.30 mm. took apart the entire clutch assembly for a close inspection of all components. noticed that the inner race had some scoring where it should have all been smooth! the scoring was 1.5 mm high, 51.86 mm long! i never noticed it after the first repack. took a dremel tool to smooth everything all out. hopefully problem will be solved. will keep everyone posted after 100 mile road testing.

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