Benchmarking of products (Czech Republic vs. USA)

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    Greetings to our American friends (altogether).
    In the introduction - I apologize for my primitive English, you know, we are from Eastern Europe :).
    In the Czech Republic ride few motored bicycles. Mostly it is the Chinese engines (48, 60, 80 ccm), but you can also find homemade products (brush cutters, saws, etc.). Few riders use the system friction roller (Honda 4T).


    Friction roller (trailer system)

    My bike (freewheel + manual starter)

    Reliability of Chinese machines are in our doubtful. They are sold at a price of about 150-160 USD (2-stroke), and rarely cover a distance of 5000 km without failure. The most common defects are broken off the lock piston pin and faulty coil.

    The cause and effect
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    What is the quality of machines that are shipped to the US? What trader would you recommend?

    Equivalent (czech language only):
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    Welcome aboard. I think you're the first member I've seen from the Czech Republic.

    I have a special fondness for Jawa motorcycles. I don't think they were ever marketed here. At least I've never seen one in person. But I've seen enough photographs to see that they've made more than one really good looking model over the years. Very nice stuff.

    The photos you've attached look very much like the same engines that we get here. It looks as though we get a better price. But not by a whole lot.

    I mostly haven't gotten even 5000 km out of these engines. 3000 to 3500 is probably my average. But they're so inexpensive that I don't mind that. When one dies I simply slap another one into that spot.
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    Jawa is not what it used to be. In 50-ies - 70-ies was a mark on the top, but now it's just a shadow.
    For more information, I recommend looking at
    Years ago I had a ČZ 175. Unfortenetely has a different owner. :-(
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    always point the tag in those piston clips vertically, or in line with the piston travel.

    or replace them entirely with proper circlips.

    yep, more than 5000 is a matter of luck out of these things.
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    My engine "died" after 6000 km.
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    Welcome good to see you here.
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    Wow that photo of the CZ 175 brought back some memories. I remember co-riding one in a 6 hour production road race at the old Cotati Raceway back in the '70s. The one i raced was kind of a mustard color and if I remember right you didn't have to pull the clutch in each time to shift because the clutch cable was somehow linked to the shift lever.
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    Yes, it was called "poloautomat" (semi automatic) :).