Bicycle Help!! Livefastmotor Kit... Lots of Sputtering

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by spartanwrest1er, May 29, 2008.

  1. spartanwrest1er

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    Hey guys, so i just got done assembline my new 70cc motor kit from live fast motors...

    I must say that it is the biggest piece of SH*T I have probably ever purchased.
    So much for the quality promises on their website.

    Anyways, to the point. Yesterday i rode my bicycle and it was running pretty good, very fast and no jerking and sputtering.

    Today i moved the engine down lower, and reassembled...
    Now when i ride it it goes like 1/3 of the speed it was before, and it sputters and jerks... What could be my problem??
    Like I said, its a 70cc with a centrifugal clutch..


  2. spartanwrest1er

    spartanwrest1er New Member

    Here is some furthur progress...

    When i keep the tank on full flow i notice that it does the sputtering, then when i shut it off, the remaining gas in the motor runs perfect, and it picks us alot more speed and runs smooth...

    Ive tried messing with the fuel gage trying to find a happy zone where it runs good, but cant seem to find one...

  3. pilotpeat

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    Maybe running to rich? Is the choke on?

  4. SirJakesus

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    What kind of kit is it? Chinese engine or brand name? Frame mount or rack mount?

    Sounds like your engine is getting too much fuel. Have you checked if your choke is turning itself on, clogged filter or adjusting fuel/air mix?
  5. datz510

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    Frame mount 2 stroke here from livefast.. I've had some issues with the fuel valve on mine as well. Seems to have gotten better though with more use.

    To open the valve, your aligning the valve handle with the fuel line, right? Perpendicular to the line is closed.

    One issue I've noticed with mine is that the fuel tank develops a vacuum as fuel is consumed (especially with a full tank), so I have to open the fuel cap every once in a while to keep it going. I plan to drill a small vent hole in the cap to relieve the vacuum and let fuel flow properly.

    Double check your float bowl to make sure the float isnt sticking. Is the carb as level as possible?

    Overall, my engine has been great once I figured out the few minor kinks with it.
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  6. spartanwrest1er

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    Its a rack mount...

    K, now i cant even get the motor to start up at all, when i release the clutch, the motor doesnt even start to make that mumbling sound like it should... its almost as if i hadnt released the clutch...

    I even took the wire from the clutch shaft on the engine and still no difference....

    The engine has no brand on it whatso ever... all it had was a made in china sticker...

    Personally, all that mumbo jumbo livefast says about they have engineers working in china getting motors directly imported is a joke... its just some cheep garbage kit...

    The carborator is made out of the cheepest and flimsiest aluminum, and the muffler is a joke as well...

    Shoulda just gone with dax...
  7. HoughMade

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    OK- we want to help you figure this out, but we need to know exactly what you have to offer intelligent advice.

    You said it is a 70cc with a centrifugal clutch.

    However, you also said it is a rack mount- rack meaning behind the rider over the rear wheel, and frame being between your legs. Livefast's website does not list a 70cc rack mount, only a 70cc frame (center) mount and 40-49cc rack mounts.

    Also, you mentioned having a centrifugal clutch, but also releaseing the clutch. If you have a clutch handle and can manually release it, you don't have a centrifugal clutch. A centrifugal clutch engages automatically when you rev the engine. Also, if you have a centrifugal clutch, you would also need a pull start. Do you have a pull start?

    Maybe you could link us to what you have or post a pic.

    I'm sure we can figure this out.
  8. spartanwrest1er

    spartanwrest1er New Member

    Yeah, i was just reading over that.

    My bad, it is a frame mount..

    And the reason i said it was a centrifugal is because thats what the livefastmotor guy said he was selling me...

    Anyways, i will get some pictures up as soon as possible.
  9. spartanwrest1er

    spartanwrest1er New Member

    and no i dont have a pullstart